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I know this is quite long but I tình yêu what happened in this chap and I want to share them with you! Hope you’ll have the patience to read all through. Happy Reading! And thanks for loving this fanfic!

House woke up in the middle of the night. The first person he saw was Cuddy looking down on him and on his left side was Dr. Pitt. He was breathing heavily and was trying to sat down straight before removing the cold and rounded sweat that were on his forehead.
Cuddy: Are bạn okay?
House looked at Cuddy and took the glass she offered. He took a sip and gave it back to her.
Pitt: bạn know where bạn are?
House: <Looking annoyed> Of course… It was just a nightmare…
Pitt: Yah, it seems to us… bạn were screaming Lisa and Amber’s name…
House: Good thing it was a scream not a moan…
Cuddy rolled her eyes.
Pitt: We’ll talk about this tomorrow…
Pitt walked out as House and Cuddy looked at each other.
House: Why are bạn still here? It’s past midnight…
Cuddy: I know but bạn started screaming when I was about to leave.
House: Go home, get some rest yourself.
Cuddy nodded and took her bag from the chair.
Cuddy: Bye…
House nodded and looked at her as she went out of the room and began walking on the empty hallway.

bởi tiếp theo morning, House found himself standing in front of Dr. Pitt who was seated on his chair in his office. He was holding a folder and his eyes showed how pissed he is on whatever it is that’s written on the paper.
House: Another mental rehab?!
Pitt tried to convince House to calm down.
House: This is insane!
Pitt: No, bạn are and bạn will be getting worse again!
House: I am fine!
House threw the folder on the bàn and stood straight.
Pitt: House, your EEG showed a slight raise in brain activity ---
House: That’s because I think, bạn idiot!
Pitt sighed and watched House as he moved around in the office.
Pitt: Don’t make me do this House…
House looked at him.
Pitt: Don’t make this paper reach Cuddy’s hand and have it signed. It either that hoặc you’re going to tell me what the hell’s happening in your mind…
House: <serious> Try me…
House went out of the office leaving the door close with a loud bang.

That afternoon, House was seated on a bench while watching Daniel run on a treadmill.
Daniel: You’re an idiot…
House looked at him as he rubbed his aching leg again.
Daniel: bạn don’t mess with your doctor ----
House: I am not messing with him. I was trying to make a point that I don’t need another mental rehab.
Daniel: bạn think he’ll believe you? Rick Pitt is not known to believe his patient. He’s like you. His world of diagnosis and treatment evolves around test results and all those stuff.
House: So, it’s like “don’t do unto others if bạn don’t want them to do unto you” logic?
Daniel: Sounds like… yah…
House sighed.
Daniel: bạn want to win on that argument, bạn should have used your own argument skills…
House looked at him and looked down on the floor.
Daniel: bạn know, it suddenly came into my mind again that your stubbornness right now has nothing to do with your brain. It’s your emotional side again, isn’t it?
House looked up and looked at his leg.
House: It’s my leg…
Daniel: <scoffed> bạn just don’t want to go back in rehab because bạn don’t want Cuddy to be disappointed. All this time she thought you’re fine so bạn wanted to cling to the fact that you’re making her happy in your simple way. A noble act bởi the way.
House looked at him.
House: <serious again> What do I do?
Daniel: Just cut this crap and go to the damn rehab.

That evening, Blythe came in to visit his son. Surprisingly, she brought Rachel with her.
House: bạn do realize Cuddy will freak out if she found out you’re tagging Rachel along in a psych hospital…
Blythe: Oh Greg, don’t be hysterical. I tình yêu to bring her everywhere I go and visiting bạn isn’t spare from that idea…
House sighed and looked at the baby whose arms were swirling in the air. He unconsciously was drawing a smile on his lips again.
Blythe: Can I just leave her with bạn for a few minutes? I won’t be out long. I just have to buy some sandwich, bánh sandwich and I certainly can’t roam her around here…
House nodded before Blythe went out and left Rachel lying on her son’s bed. bởi the time his mother left, he stared back at the baby whose smiling back at him. He smiled back, sat beside her and played with its tiny fingers. Every time the baby makes a small laughing sound, he was drawing a small laugh himself.
House: Just stay here, okay? I just have to get something, you’re too small, bạn can’t roll off the bed…
He stood up and went to check the goodies his mother brought for him when suddenly Rachel cried.
House: Oh god no…
He went to see her again but Rachel continued crying.
House: What? I’m here, I’m not gonna leave you…
He stared at the baby waiting for it to stop but it didn’t so he bent down closer to her.
House: Are bạn hungry? ---- Tired from lying down? ---- No?
He tried to feel her diapers.
House: You’re not wet…
He sighed and stared at Rachel who seemed to cry endlessly. He rolled his eyes before tapping the baby’s leg.
House: C’mon, shh, I don’t know how to do this, okay?
The baby continued crying so he was forced to carry the baby as best as he could. He was fixing her in his arms but Rachel didn’t stop crying.
House: Shhh..
He began to căn nguyên, cái nôi the kid in his arms while looking at the baby again and smiled when he heard the cry slowing down.
House: Shh, it’s okay… DADDY’s here… Go to sleep…
He made a few slow sway on her before he finally saw Rachel’s eyes closing and drifting to sleep. He smiled on his achievement and instead of laying her back on bed, he lifted his spare hand and caress the baby’s head while the other carefully held Rachel. He knew he heard the door slid open again but he didn’t bother to see who came in until he heard someone called his name. It’s Cuddy.
Cuddy: What ---
House: She cried… <stammered>
Cuddy walked towards him and stand as close as she could and both of them looked at Rachel who apparently was dreaming.
Cuddy: She looks so peaceful…
House: Yah, but I wouldn’t agree with bạn if bạn say that a few phút ago…
Cuddy: What did bạn do to make her sleep?
House: I đã đưa ý kiến one word…
Cuddy: What is it?
Both of them exchanged glances.
House: Sleep
Cuddy scoffed and watched House carefully place Rachel back on his giường and he even laid down on his side tiếp theo to the baby. She did the same, facing House and Rachel. He watched her slowly kissed the baby and held it’s tiny hand.
Cuddy: Mommy missed bạn so much…
House: If she wakes up, seriously I will kill you…
Cuddy chuckled and looked at him before a few phút of silence grew between them.
Cuddy: bạn really don’t want to go to rehab again?
House: I get it, Pitt told you?
Cuddy: House… We both know bạn need this one… So please… Just go…
House looked at Rachel again before giving Cuddy a nod.
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