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xin chào everone it's pickles12. This bài viết is about our mountain man in walt disney's tiếp theo upcoming animated feature "Frozen". As bạn well know kristoff Bjorman is the name of the mountain man that help our tiếp theo Disney princess Anna help find her sister Elsa. bạn may have been wondering how old he is in the movie. Some say he is 19 years old. But he is indeed not. I bạn read the Nữ hoàng băng giá script, young Kristoff is 8 years old and then a time period of 13 years passes by. So he is infact 21 years. Just a clarification!
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Nữ hoàng băng giá Fever (2015)
Nữ hoàng băng giá
Frozen Fever
animated short
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Elsa: You’ve never had a real birthday before
Except, of course, the ones just spent outside my locked door
So I’m here way too late to help bạn celebrate
And be your birthday ngày if I may...Achoo!

Anna: Elsa, I’m thinking bạn might have a cold
Elsa: I don’t get colds. Besides...
A cold never bothered me anyway

Just follow the string!

I’ve got big plans, I’ve got surprises for today
Nothing but nothing’s gonna get in our way
I’ve worked for weeks, planned everything within my power
I even got Kristoff and Sven to take a shower

If someone wants to hold me back
I’d like to see them try
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 All hình ảnh from this bài viết are edited bởi me.
All images from this article are edited by me.
In this article, I will compare Elsa and Anna in various categories, telling my preferences. Let's start!


I dream to have Elsa's hair color; Anna's pale wisp is unique, but her dâu, dâu tây blonde doesn't strike me so much. Moreover, Elsa has better hairstyles. While I like only the bun of Anna's hairstyles, I tình yêu every Elsa's hairstyles, especially the coronation bun and the childhood braid with hairband.


Both have beautiful well-defined eyes, but I prefer Anna's ones; they are thêm blue, thêm saturated. I also think Anna has better eyelashes. However, I really like Elsa's...
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Easter Eggs

Mickey chuột

The chuột himself “makes the quickest of cameos in ‘Frozen,’” writes Disney. “A small Mickey chuột plush sits on one of the lower shelves in Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna.”

Rapunzel and Flynn from ‘Tangled’

“Elsa’s coronation draws guests from far-away lands—and movies,” writes Disney. “From ‘Tangled,’ Eugene Fitzherbert aka Flynn Rider and Rapunzel even made the guest list.”

‘Wreck-it Ralph’ kẹo

Last year’s movie from Walt Disney phim hoạt hình Studios was a runaway success, and despite the entirely different...
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