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My entry for the Fanpop's Got Talent contest =)
howard bờ biển
fanpop's got talent 2008
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this is my dance cover of Bad Girl Good Girl - Miss A, I hope bạn like thanks ^^
fanpop’s got talent
fgt 2011
dance cover
posted by Eline_K
Dear Fanpoppers,

FINALLY! The results are in! First of all, thank bạn all for your patience! This năm we had a record number of contestants, but only one can win! Now, I will cut the small talk, and get right to it!

On third place……


On một giây place……


And finally, our one and only winner……



Also we have some special mentions for: shieldmaiden, Margooterd, ariel306842, cassie-1-2-3, cena-fan, thespikedturtle and zutaradragon!

Congratulations to all our winners!

And to all contestants who did not win this year: Do not weap! bạn have all proven to be very talented....
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Zippy Gets Launched to Columbus, Ohio with his new slingshot.
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posted by PinkiePie11
Pinkie frequently performs cartoonish feats, such as eye-bulging, wild takes, and unusually angled cuts into the frame. Her merry skips resemble Pepé Le Pew's, particularly in Griffon the Brush Off. Her costume and waddle in Dragonshy are reminiscent of Daffy Duck's four-legged body in con vịt, vịt Amuck.
On several occasions, Pinkie breaks the fourth tường and shows awareness of cinematic elements. For example, at the end of Over a Barrel, she pokes her head through the iris wipe to grumble about Twilight's friendship lesson, and in Magic Duel, she stretches the iris wipe wide open and climbs into...
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[One Piece! The New Pirate-King's Execution!]

-Time-skip, 2 days prior-

Raftel. The final destination. The place that supposedly holds the treasure, One Piece, and the the Rio Poneglyph. Little is known of the island itself, but almost everyone has heard about One Piece and the place Gol D. Roger allegedly hid the famous artifact. For the Straw Hat pirates, it is the place that will make them. They will become pirates of legend, the crew to the Pirate-King, he who is king over all pirates. Monkey D. Luffy, son of Monkey D. Dragon and grandson of Monkey D. Garp, also known as Garp the Fist, or...
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posted by claire-aka-bob
Hello and welcome fellow fanpoppers to the first installment of Fanpop's Got Talent Results 2009! :D
We had an awesome turn out this năm with loads of great entries!
link is a video to remind bạn of all the entries.

This is the first bài viết one of three, honoring everybody who entered this year! Each entry gets a certificate for all their hard work and dedication to the spot!

The judges (or voter counter uppers, whatever bạn prefer to call us) would like to say a huge thank bạn to everyone who entered and participated around the spot this year, we would never be able to do it without you!

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posted by claire-aka-bob
Welcome những người hâm mộ to the results of Fanpop's Got Talent 2008,
this năm link
link is a video to remind bạn of all the entries.

Voting is now closed. Please don't send bạn vote in, it's too late for your vote to be registered but bạn may still be charged.

Firstly we’ll hear from the judges about our acts.

-Saul_Mikoliunas says :
All of the talents have been of the highest quality and I have to say that I am now extremely glad that voting was left down to the fanpoppers and not just the judges as I would have had an extremely difficult time deciding who the winner was.

-Claire-aka-bob says :
I am so happy...
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