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Humphrey's father
Age: 36
Species: Wolf
Pack Rank: Omega
Relations: Father of Humphrey, Kenya, and Adam. Husband of Martha.
Area of residence: Central Pack, Jasper Park


Height at shoulders: 3' 1"
lông, lông thú and mane color: Light grey
Eye color: Light brown
Furstyle: Neat but a little unkept


Skills: Logboarding, throwing snowballs
Very fun-loving like his son, Humphrey


Stayed behind with the alphas to protect the pack when it was attacked bởi humans on Humphrey's birthday.

Other facts

Invented the sport of logboarding and taught it to Humphrey. He also taught Humphrey how to recover from a spin-out.
Also bad at howling.
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Finally! The exerpt for the newest and upcoming story in the A&O franchise. In one year, the story will be released in full, but not as one article. Each chapter will have its own article. Starting today hoặc maybe tomorrow, I'll be releasing character profiles, going into some detail about the new characters in the story. I might also release the first chapter a week hoặc two before the 10 năm anniversary just to reignite the hype around it since we'll be waiting another year, which works out fine since I'm about halfway done with nghề viết văn the story. I hope bạn enjoy this little bit of Chapter...
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Chapter 1:A chó sói, sói pup and a little human girl.
Three mouths later after the events of alpha and omega 2 runt
Get captured bởi hunters but a park ranger and a eight năm girl
Shown up.

Chapter 2:Alpha teen wolves's first hunt.
When two years goes bởi than garth and Kate took stinky gj fleet and claudette out to Thier's first hunt.

Chapter 3:Cougar vs wovles.
Margril was sad after flash picked on her runt shown up and comforts her but when a cougar got in the scene.

Chapter 4:fell in tình yêu at moonhowl.
When gj kara and alice head out they met a omega chó sói, sói named leah hunter and Sam that was approve bởi the...
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A video on Alpha and Omega Tropical Vacation confirmed real
alpha and omega tropical vacation
tropical vacation alpha and omega9
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In a gần đây tường post, I talked about my plan for three final fanfictions to end the franchise in my eyes. I decided to do this after I thought about what it would be like if Alpha and Omega had a psychological villain. Psychological villains are my yêu thích kind because they fight with their intellect, planning for every possible counterattack, accounting for every scenario. In some cases they're thêm terrifying than villains who fight with their brawn because it's very hard to outsmart them. These last 3 stories really will be the last ones. I know I đã đưa ý kiến Legend of the Peaceful Warrior was...
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About a week later Kate and Humphrey went on a date, they went and watch bad teacher on the way trang chủ the were pissed.
Humphrey: man that movie sucked
(kate in a sexy vocie)...
Kate: i know right, but i have other plans when we get home.
Humphrey: whats that?
(Kate chuckled)
Kate: youll see.
They where listen to testament when they speeded past a cop.
Kate: ah shit.
Humphrey: im not pulling over.
the chace went on until they got home.
When they got inside, kate ran upstaris.
Humphrey: what the hell is she doing.
he went in their room to find kate stripping.
Kate: humphrey, can bạn crawl into giường and lay on...
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