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Seri chạng vạng

10 các điểm thưởng to the first 20 people to tham gia my mates spot!

3 answers | my answer: I have just joined!!! #1 Twilight người hâm mộ ღ ♥
Seri chạng vạng


33 answers | my answer: Edward!!! mmmmmm...yummy!!! :D
Edward Cullen

bạn have to be honest. Do bạn fantasize about Edward?

39 answers | my answer: Yes i do every single ngày of FOREVER <3<3
Edward Cullen

was edward the hottest guy in the movie

23 answers | my answer: i'm blown away, the picture tells the whole story
Edward Cullen

Who thinks they have the best pic of Edward? ( if bạn think that bạn do please post

5 answers | my answer: just tình yêu this one, can bạn get any sexier then tha...
Edward Cullen

Does Edward Cullen have a middle name?

8 answers | my answer: Yes he does it's Edward Anthony Masen Cullen

omg, this was the bet movie ive ever seen. what did every1 else think?

18 answers | my answer: BEST MOVIE EVER MADE - A MASTERPIECE !!!!!!!!!!!
children's world :)

lets pray for Chile...

15 answers | my answer: Jesus please let the people of Chile know they ar...