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Wind howled outside, shaking the shutters. Hailey fought the urge to reach for her soft silk robe. She wore a bright yellow dress, a proud color of the family she represented tonight. Not even the threat of cold could convince her to appear any less finessed.
The woman’s reveries was broken bởi the arrival of her visitors. She stood politely as the entourage of diplomats entered and bowed deeply. “Konichiwa, Your Highness.”
The Crown Prince of Nhật Bản returned a shallower bow. He was younger than Hailey had expected. “Your rebel king has chosen not to tham gia us?” he asked with barely hidden...
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 Smart Alex!
Smart Alex!
(So I haven't been on in quite awhile, I'm going to change that, I need an escape from Uni... Expect stories, Rps and general mischief!
I thought the best comeback would be to re-introduce my little bastards, everyone seems to be trying this format so.... Enjoy!)

Name: Knight, Alex Knight.
Reason hoặc meaning of name: Sweet, short, rolls of the tongue ladies tình yêu it! (Oh boy, here we go.)
Eye Colour: Blue, I think? I can't really look myself. (Use a mirror, don't go cross-eyed!)
Hair Style/Colour: Blond and short but a tad messy, I call it styled. (Bedhead.)
Height: 6.2" / 189cm...
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posted by SilverWings13
 Princess Ana
Princess Ana
Part 1: link

The visitor pushed past without hesitation.
She had yet to get a chance to change. The uncharacteristically regal áo choàng bellowed pale cloth over freckled arms, tightened her hips in an amber corset, draped vàng over legs meant for pants and running. Only the wild red curls fit the intruder, tumbling freely over her shoulders after a night in tight pins and clips. Even the royal golden wreath was askew on the waves of red locks. The fury in her glimmering vàng eyes was even thêm own of place than the dress.
"Our Queen sister accepted your challenge," the girl growled through a clenched...
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My little baby... Meet Vulpes... He is based off of "THE VULPES INCULTA" from my new, and latest obsession, Fallout: New Vegas.. All rights belong to Bethesda Gaming Studios and the other creators of the game. I did change up some things *Cough* The Legion and his past *cough* To fit the modern ngày time of our little OC universe, but mostly everything else, including looks, personality, and the 'gang' leader, is based off his charrie and other notes from the game..

Name: Vulpes Inculta
(V-ull-pez In-cool-tah)


Race: Caucasian/Human

Age: Eighteen

Hair: Dark brown; buzz-cut.

Eyes: A vibrant...
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Well, guess I can't tham gia an RP community without characters, right? Sorry if I break every single rule bạn have; I don't know all of them yet. (I'm studying.)

Also, I’m sorry about the lack of pictures. I'm drawing these two later and will certainly have a hell of a time finding pictures online, so chịu, gấu with me.

Plague Rat

Name: Chip Winnipeg

Alias: Plague Rat

Age: 22

Alignment: Neutral.

Appearance: Paler than a gamer's left cheek. Dyed blonde hair (with the roots showing, because some people just suck at hair dye) that stays in a stiff wave above his face. Dull grey eyes with noticeable circles...
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Ari had just left college when all of a sudden,"nice tatt"a voice said"i know that voice"she whispered
"i'm baaack"he đã đưa ý kiến she turned around to see...
minion.she was Nữ hoàng băng giá with fear,"thats impossible y
y-you were frozen"she mumbled,"well surprise..surprise i got out with the help of joker he found me Nữ hoàng băng giá bởi that cây we had our last fight"
he explained then teleported right over to her,and grabbed her covering her mouth with his right hand and teleported them to the same spot where they had their last fight."what do bạn want with me?"ari asked with anger,"I simply just want to talk"he replied,"About...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
Could you, dear reader imagine the words bạn would use, to tell your family that your parents were dead, murdered? I hope bạn can, because I'm not able to share those wretched words with bạn right now. Can bạn be patient with me? I'll promise it'll be worth the wait. 
      After I had accomplished that horrible task -perhaps the worst task of my whole life- I tried to focus my fractured attention back to Sergeant Caputo. He was a rough looking man, like a bad cop in film from the forties. Caputo looked about to be around thirty years old. He had one continuing eyebrow, a furry ledge of...
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Of course, this is about Shane. So anything in 1st P.O.V. Is Shane, unless I say so differently.

I have some really bad secrets to share with someone, so it might as well be you-a stranger, a dear reader. But why am I telling bạn this? Because bạn cannot hurt me. So here goes nothing, hoặc maybe everything? I can't really tell a difference anymore. 

     The night of my parents death was cold, snowy and a long one. I can remember hearing my older brother, Peter, screaming, as our parents were taken down in black slick body bags. 
"Our parents were vile! But they didn't deserve to be taken...
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{Reader's Discretion Advised} The following selectiion contains a scene of suggestive material. Do not read if bạn are underage hoặc this type of material makes bạn uncomfortable.

Nightwing simply stood, in full uniform, right in front of the window, arms folded over his chest, eyes glaring through his domino mask at Barbara's arm holding onto Sam's bare chest tightly. The two looked peaceful. That wasn't why Nightwing hadn't woken them up. It was because he was entirely too pissed to move.

"Come on! Rise and shine! Let's--" Robin's words caught in his mouth as he finished climbing in Barbara's...
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Warnings for fluff and crappy endings.

One week later.
Kyra smiled as she entered the cave. “Happy holidays!” Tanner shouted as she entered, startling her and lighting her hair on fire. “Dude!” she laughed. “Don’t do that!”
She walked into the hall to go down to her room, and walked back out into the living room after having caught Aisling and Rowan under the mistletoe. Not without having taken a picture, first.
She smiled at Delta and quickly ducked when a snowball was suddenly flung her way. “Sis! Seriously!” She only laughed when thêm snowballs came flying at her, and she created...
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He leaned against the birck tường that lined down the alley way, the puddles rippled as the raindrops fell from the sky and smacked its way on the ground. The dark mui xe pulled over his head created a shadow that covered his upper features, his lips had a slight pout as he listened to the rain around him . “ Early much? “ a voice spoke out, he turned his head and stood up regularly uncrossing his arms and spoke out back “ early? We agreed we would meet here at six “. He sighed “ sorry but the Allpine woods aren’t exactly that close”, he looked at his companion still “ have there...
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Red Revenge V:
What Matters?

Trailer 2-

In Cooperation With

For twelve years I've protected this city.

A red chevrolet, from the seventies, speeds down the street. Revenge jumps on hàng đầu, đầu trang of it.

And this whole time, everyone though I was a hero.

Revenge grabs the driver and slams him into the steering wheel. The car skids and crashes into a wall, Revenge jumping off.

Let them think that.

Power Corrupts

Sam picked up the mũ bảo hiểm and slid it on over his head. The screens glowed red and activated. Systems, weapons. He had enough to take out half of New York and still resist the police...
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Yup. I'm posting early, so I can give myself some time to finish the tiếp theo few parts over Thanksgiving Break. Also... I just want bạn to have some Kyric fluff.
This story occurs around the end of November/December 1st, which, according to the YJ comics, is Robin's birthday, therefore making it Fin's biological birthday. :3 Yup... Enjoy!

Watching from an opposite rooftop, a smile graced a pair of crimson painted lips. “She’s too vulnerable like this. Untrusting.”
“So what are bạn going to do about it?”
“I’ve heard she wants to do this all on her own.”
The first girl’s...
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posted by Mclovin_69
He jumped a building and did a front flip landing on the ledge of the building looking out at the city. A small robotic con nhện, nhện climbed into it's web and a red light on it's back blinked a couple times zooming in and focusing on him, he watched from one of the monitor screens infront of him and sat staring at him in intrest, He wanted him...... He needed him on this side....he was an interesting character that made him thêm desireable to him... He acted as if he had powers though he did not have any and the skills he possessed were very powerful. How would he catch this boy though... He has...
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Name: Jason Henry Loveton

Hero Name: (Sub) Zero

Power: He can do anything with Ice :)

Story: He was part of a group of heros called the Elemental 5 who lived in heaven and where the only people in heaven that weren't immortal. But there was an attack on heaven and the heros fought bravely trying to protect the gods but Jason died and fell down into the Thế giới ngầm after his guarden Angel when missing and fell to earth. He escaped the Thế giới ngầm and when looking for his angel, on the way he looked for a human life and got adopted but suffers from stuttering. He is still looking fot his Mất tích angel...
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"Thats for scareing for a week and 3 days" She đã đưa ý kiến as if she
wanted to cry.

He pouted with a red cheek.

"I'm sorry! They Woundn't let me contact you!"
"Well, Me and you're..." She put a hand on he stomach "Have been
worried almost to death!" She hugged Dylan tightly, as if she never
wanted to let go.

"I'm sorry, bạn know I would have told bạn if I could"
"I know I'm just paranoied, bạn know me"
"Yes. Now can I Kiss bạn without being hit?"
She laughed "Yes"

He lifted up her chin and smiled, once again his lips pressed against
hers and she kissed him back, his hands moved and wrapped around her
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Phoebe sat there in her room, she dimmed the lights and just sat there
stareing at her phone. She was scared, paranoied and to many hurtful
thoughts ran through her mind. Where was he? She placed a hand on her
soft and pail cheek, phoebe leaned on it and touched down her elbow
the dark wooded desk.

Foot steps echoed outside. Phoebe perked up, that familliar sweet
scent filled her nose, could it really be?

The metal door slid open and closed again. A tall, dark and beautiful
blue haired boy with a shiney and slightly dirty face leaned on the
cool metal. Phoebs Stood up trembling slightly.

"Sorry I was...
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((This is a poem about, Gage taking over Blade's body and killing everyone on the team.. it's kinad a tragic story of Blade and terror and the whole team. Also it's best to read this in the tune to "Hush Little Baby" But it sounds okay with out it :) .))


Run away
Don't stay and fight
For bạn can't beat evil's might
Blood so red
And soul so black
He prowls in shadows waiting to attack
She tries so hard to get it out
But he consumes her tim, trái tim with hate and doubt
She warns the others don't come near
As he fills her with pain and fear.
No one knew it was him,
Planning to get revenge.
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Time line: Some point in the past... Figure it out yet?

"Daniel!" Marquez growled. "You li'l cheat! Why do bạn always gotta steal my thunder."
Jaguar's ca cao dark skin paled as he realized his mistake. "I- I didn't know- I didn't realize you- I mean, how could-"
"How'd bạn find this out?" Will asked, saving the speedster from his frantic stuttering.
"I was coming back from reconnaissance," Jaguar said, "and I heard Spence and Jessie talking about it with the other superiors and Sam in his office-"
"Hold up a sec," Will said, holding up a hand. "You were spying on the superiors? Outside Sam's office?"...
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posted by XxKFforeverXx
I know, I have a quite a few, but this one, is a REALLY important key to Sifts past.

Name: Blake Douglas
Alias: Kid Devil
Age: 16
Occupation: Villain
Powers: Blood bending, acrobatics, hand-to-hand combat
Past:Blake was introduced to crime at the age of 4, when his parents gave into robbing for money. At age 7 Blake joined Riddler in his fight against Batman, at age 9 Blade watched and helped his new teammate Jessica, train. Now, at age 16, Blake hopes for the ngày that Jess returns to villainous side of humanity.
Other: Riddlers first apprentice
-Keeps a dao, con dao in his boot
-Dated Jess before she left.
-DON'T ask him about his's a bad idea.
 Jess and Blake
Jess and Blake