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Okay,so i've been posting #Make that change (spread the word) everywhere.If bạn would like to know why it's because i'm tired of the war and hatred around the world....Michael Jackson wrote the song Man in the mirror,and I want to be the person who makes that change.I would also really appreciate it if everyone else did too.I need all the help I can get. Now it doesn't matter what bạn do to make a change.It could be helping an old woman vượt qua, cross the road hoặc giving a homeless person a job hoặc thực phẩm hoặc giving an orphan a trang chủ hoặc sharing your thực phẩm with someone who needs it.It's simple stuff like this...
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hoặc maybe it's the Age of Aquarius. This is the original song from a rock musical Hair
world peace
better people
better world
brighter future
This is the original song from a rock musical Hair
world peace
cold people
cruel world
no tình yêu
only hatred
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Peace is my middle name that is on my birth certificate. I'm not kidding you! Seriously, it is my middle name and I live up to it. I believe the world, though in a tight spot, can get better. We are all in this together and I know I in particular was put on this earth to make a difference and help. That sounded really corny. Global climate change can be stopped and the world CAN heal! We can stop the wars, violence, disrespect, hate, and abuse. Everyone can help-join a cause (there are many on facebook) and we can donate and volunteer any time. It's time for change. I'm in- anyone else?
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tình yêu
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Science created the button that religion will ultimately push
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I feel that, the world has fallen into what may be disrepair, dozens of riots happen every day, some people are starting to gain a stereo tpye attitude bởi not excepting anyone who may be different and everywhere the light touches was once the battle field of a war, wheather its a small row with your Những người bạn hoặc a real war, and I find this behaviour woeful. Why can't everyone put aside their hate and live together in peace and harmony? I feel that then the world would be a better place for everyone. Sadly, many people heed these warnings and carry on with war
, as if it's just a game and not...
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ozzy osbourne
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