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Jet Steele

“Jet,” đã đưa ý kiến Adrian. I nearly groaned. For inexplicable reasons, “Jet Steele” was a pseudonym Adrian really liked using. In our rehearsal today, he was supposed to be called Brian.


Jet Steele

“Jet,” đã đưa ý kiến Adrian. I nearly groaned. For inexplicable reasons, “Jet Steele” was a pseudonym Adrian really liked using. In our rehearsal today, he was supposed to be called Brian.


Healing is a spirit ability which has been demonstrated largely bởi Lissa Dragomir. This is shown in the series as being her best skill as a spirit user. Adrian Ivashkov also displays this power, but in weaker quantities.

Lissa has demonstrated that she can heal any physical wound, although it has been discovered that this ability is rather limited in the way that it cannot be used for mental injuries.

It is applied that one must be very adept at healing to bring someone else back to life. When mentally connected to a spirit user after being brought back to life a person is shadow kissed.


được trao the traits dhampirs have inherited from their moroi and human parents, dhampirs make the ultimate “bodyguards”. Since Moroi are the only ones with whom dhampirs can reproduce with to continue the dhampir kind, it is in their interest to stay close to and protect them. Dhampirs have had a long history of serving as guardians for Moroi. Years before, Moroi fought alongside their guardians against the Strigoi. Eventually though, it began to get too dangerous for the Moroi and the authorities have decided to leave the fighting to their guardians.

Morois are assigned guardians at a certain age, while royal Moroi have them earlier than others and even have thêm than one. Non-royals are assigned their guardians through a “lottery system” controlled bởi the Guardian Council.


A human who willingly donates blood to a Moroi. Feeders usually become addicted to the drug-like endorphins in a vampire’s saliva, which give intense pleasure when bitten.


Known Moroi Feeders
Alice (in Shadow Kiss)
Dorothy (in Bloodlines Series)

Strigoi Forced Feedings in Frostbite
When Rosemarie Hathaway, Mason Ashford, Eddie Castile, Mia Rinaldi, and Christian Ozera were captured and held captive bởi Strigoi Isaiah and Elena, Isaiah would stop bởi every so often and take a drink from Eddie. Eddie was left scarred bởi the incident and blames himself for everything.
Strigoi Forced Feedings...
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Moroi use the elements earth, water, and air, combining them to make the Alchemist tattoo’s (golden flower). It is common for a Moroi to specialize in one of the elements: air, fire, earth, water hoặc spirit. The element spirit being forgotten for a long time. Moroi, who having specialized in the spirit element, were thought to have not specialize at all. Moroi also have a special ability called compulsion which forces their will onto their victim through eye contact. Strigoi and spirit users have much stronger complusion than the regular moroi. Moroi are not allowed to use their abilities...
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Dhampirs were originally born through the union of a Moroi and a Human in the years before the Dark Ages. Through this union created a half-vampire and half-human. Today, they are born through a Moroi (male/female) and another Dhampir (male/female).

Unlike the Moroi, Dhampirs don’t have Element abilities (eg. fire, water etc). They are born with quicker reflexes, strength, agility, flexability and endurance. With these physical strengths they are able to train to match that of Strigoi strength and agility.


A prayer rope is a loop made up of complex knots, usually out of wool hoặc silk, that is used bởi Eastern Orthodox Christians and Eastern Catholics to count the number of times they have prayed the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner.”


A prayer rope (Greek: κομποσκοίνι, Russian: вервица, Romanian: mătănii, Macedonian and Serbian: бројаница / brojanica, Bulgarian: броеница) is a loop made up of complex knots, usually out of wool hoặc silk, that is used bởi Eastern Orthodox Christians and Eastern Catholics to count the number of times they have prayed the Jesus Prayer: "Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on me, a sinner."
Blood whore

Blood whore is a negative term used to describe a dhampir who lets Moroi drink from them during sex. This behavior is considered scandalous to both Moroi and dhampir alike and they are looked down upon for it. It’s also an unfair slur often applied to single dhampir mothers who choose to raise their children instead of becoming guardians.


Bloodwhore: "An insulting term for a dhampir, male hoặc female, who allows a Moroi to drink their blood while having sex. It's also an unfair slur often applied to single dhampir mothers who choose to raise their children instead of becoming guardians." -- Vampire Academy: The Ultimate Guide. Page 300.

Alchemists are humans charged with helping Moroi and dhampirs keeping their existence discreet. Alchemists have an elaborate thiết kế of hoa and leaves tattooed in vàng on their lower left cheeks. These hình xăm are made from vàng and Moroi blood Phép thuật with earth and water. Their Phép thuật tattoo acts as a reward, allowing them to lead longer lives and stops them from becoming ill. The charm also prevents them from speaking about the Supernatural world in a way that would expose it. Like dhampirs, the Alchemist “career” is somewhat compulsory and passed down through family. Alchemists’...
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The biggest draw for the latest vampire movie isn't the hot young things starring it it, it's the two middle-aged Waters Brothers. The director from Mean Girls and writer of Heathers combined their powers to steal the thunder from the baby vamps on stage at New York Comic-Con. And thank god for it.

Based on the very được ưa chuộng Richelle Mead vampire series, Mark Waters (Mean Girls director) and Daniel Waters (Heathers) took the stage with two of their new ma cà rồng and the Vampire Academy ngôi sao Zoey Deutch, who will be playing the ass-kicking Rose Hathaway.

It was all turning out to be another collection of good-looking kids with Supernatural powers that was good but not good enough to garner a lot of heat (it was Mortal Instruments all over again). But then the Waters brothers took the wheel and showed off some pretty fun footage. And we're back in the bag for Vampire Academy.

The footage:

posted by RoseBelikov27
Whoo! Its out. And it is awesome !! I tình yêu it. i like the way the did Rose and Lissa AND...DIMITRI!! But have to say the cover is kinda bad on his behalf but when bạn start đọc it and seeing how they portrayed all the characters and they stuck to the storyline which was cool..Yum !! DIMITRI BELIKOV..did I mention him?? He is hott!!

All in all it is awesome and if bạn can get your Vampire Academy Addicted mitts on the it bạn will never look back. Some of bạn may have a different opinon than i but it is awesome from where I am and that's cool I can't make bạn all tình yêu it.

Read it and then think and the write to me and see what bạn think I would see what others think about it.

Deuces Chucked up.
Peace ! :D
posted by Pixie2312
I was just thinking about the series the Bloodlines. And how weird/cool would it be if this happened......
Adrian comitted suicide cause he couldn't get over Rose. Then Lissa saves him with Spirit. Then they get a bond but since they're both Spirit users some weird thing happens and Adrian can access Lissa's mind (like Rose could) but Lissa could also access Adrians mind! That would be so weird but cool at the same time! What do u guys think?

Also how funny would that be if that actually happened.

If it did then....

Richelle Mead if ur đọc this I wrecked it for everybody HA!
Since Dimka, may he rest in peace, went Strigoi bởi force in Shadow Kiss, I've been miserable! I always hoped that Dimka and Roza would end up together! And now Rose might not have a chance with Adrian, since Avery likes him! I'm halfway through Blood Promise, and I just read about Dimka's funeral. Oh, if I was there, I would talk about how much he loved life, and helping people. Why did he make Rose leave the fight?! She could have saved his life, hoặc at least they could have died together. Good luck, Rose. Hopefully you'll have the strength to stake Dimitri. Remember his wish and the promise bạn two made, that bạn would rather die than become apart of the evil undead. Carry out his wish. If bạn truly loved him, and everyone knows bạn did, you'll do it for him. He would have done the same for you. He was such a good person! I miss you, Dimka! May his soul rest in peace. tình yêu you, Dimka!
Adrian Ivashkov?

Rose Hathaway?

Dimitri Belikov?

For Adrian i would say Ian Somerhalder.

Rose i would say Lacey Chabert.

Dimitri i would say Johnny Depp.

If there was anyone i could not say to play Rose, thay i know many people want to play her is Megan Fox. she dose not have the skill. Nor does she look exotic, and Rose's body is supposed to be way different.

Also for Lissa? Christian? Tasha?

Lissa i would say Sara Paxton.
Christian; Nick Zano.
Tasha; Zooey Deschanel.

Leave your opinions and tell me what bạn think.

P.s. i think rose should stay with adrian. <333
posted by rebaj2010
Alright so I kinda wanna be a writer when I grow up so I need your help. Tell me if m good hoặc not. I'm gonna write a part from blood promise but extend it. Here it goes. "I will always tình yêu you" i said. Then I staked the man I loved. His body went limp but it was still strong enough to hold himself up. I grabbed on to the rail of the bridge I was dangiling from and hoisted myself up and over. I took dimirtirs cold leather áo khoác and spun him around to face me, I took a firm grip on his neck and suspended half his body over it, he was not strong enough to fight back. "that's what I was suppose...
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đã đăng on Feb 20, 2010 at 06:22PM

ok well richelle sed that at the end of spirit bound we r all goin 2 b lyk omg!! how could u do that!! also in the spin-off series sydeny from blood promise we b in the spin-off series 2 and she will not die, also it will not be from rose's ponit of view after va6 and the spin off series will b bout 4 charaters that we r readin now. also side characters will di chuyển up and some people might die!!!!!!! hope its not adrian hoặc lissa hoặc christian hoặc dimka hoặc jannie hoặc abe!!!!!

Of course its going to be about characters we are đọc about now. Thats...
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Thorn Chap. 1

His finger tips ran gently down Jess's side. This moment was the best moment of her life; being here with Arseni. She forgot all the troubles in her life and nothing seemed thêm important to her than him. He held my chin gently and slowly kissed me with passion. I never wanted this instant this glorious moment to end. He rapidly pulled back from our prolonged Kiss and jumped to his feet as if he just remembered something.
"I'm sorry Jess but I have to go."
"But why? bạn just got here," Jess interupted.
He remained silent and left. Her world was crashing down hard and abruptly. These...
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Chapter 1: Beauty is a cruel mistress

Sighing I sat down in the usual hard wooden chairs that the school provided. Taking out my book I opened it to the page I had been đọc last night at unspeakable hours of the morning-or afternoon for humans- none the less I was tired and the small nghề viết văn printed on the pages strained my eyes. I was in English, which considering I was a vampire and having no intentions of pursuing a career in literature was quite a pointless subject. I had already had four classes already this morning and I was not looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to this one.
“Rose” a smooth but...
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Well we all know Dimitri was forcibley turned Strigoi in book three of the Vampire Academy series bởi Richelle Mead. But is there a chance that he can come back to live among the living?
There are technily five elements of magic Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Spirit. As far as we know Spirit consists of strong abilities in compulsion, healing, seeing auras, being in a person dream and more. One of these powers in Spirit is very important because if Lissa hadn't have used it we would not have Rose today.
Rose was brought back from the dead bởi Lissa using Spirit to heal her. Hense the reason Rose is...
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