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As a ti vi show, Ugly Betty has been a worldwide success. From its original columbian telenovela: 'Betty Le Fea', the hiển thị has spanned various international versions of this comedy. The most well known incarnation that is televised in the Western world is the US's Ugly Betty.

But what attracts viewers and những người hâm mộ especially to Ugly Betty per se isn't just the humour and the drama aspects of this series but the characters, storylines and situations.

These characters, storylines, situations all deal with and explore themes and concepts relating to culture and identity.

From Marc's sexuality...
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Wilhelmina Slater - I don't get wet remix
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Amanda: I think I'm gonna pass.
Marc: You're not passing. I'm not going to stag, hag.
Amanda: You'll have to buy your own beer, queer.
Marc: bạn can't just ditch, bi-
Amanda: Oh shut up!

Amanda: Who cares about carbs when you're from Queens, right?

Marc: When did catwalk become fatwalk?

Amanda: Keep working- a little thêm overtime and bạn can switch to invisalines.

Amanda: I can bearly leave the house with an out-of-season handbag and bạn hiển thị up on a daily basis looking like a yard sale and bạn don't care. Its like bạn were genetically engineered without the fear gene.

Amanda: Have bạn been smoking...
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Justin might not have feelings for Lily...
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"Ok, Betty. What's wrong?" Daniel asked. Betty had come to visit him for what she had described as a 'passing by'. However, Daniel could easily see through Betty's pretenses. Especially as she was pacing to and fro in front of his desk.
Betty stopped walking in continous lines, and stared at Daniel, wearing an innocent expression.
"Nothing's wrong. Why would anything be wrong? I've got a job that I love, a great family who haven't got any problems - yet, anyway." She was so stressed that her words came out hurried and high - pitched. Daniel raised his eyebrows; inclined his head. He was waiting...
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