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To celebrate the launch of The Office Season 6 Superfan Episodes streaming now on Peacock, here's an extended version of the PARKOUR! PARKOUR! cold open.
extended cold open
a peacock extra
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A drunk Jim and Andy do an Indigo Girls duet together.
indigo girls
Contains explanation of Schrute Bucks and Dwight's argument with Stanley over Stanley Nickels, in a very funny episode of the Office!
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Classical Conditioning prank Jim played on Dwight. (you become conditioned to do something everytime bạn hear a noise!)
The Office
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There’s Newfoundland and Labrador,
Saskatchewan, Ontario,
Quebec, Alberta, Manitoba,
New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.

Prince Edward Island’s very small,
but British Columbia tops them all!

[And that's where Vancouver is.]

But… before I finish up my story,
bạn should know the territories.

There are only three so I’ll be quick,
the Yukon, Northwest, and Nunavut.

If bạn want to have a ball,
there’s Saskatoon and Montreal.

And if bạn want to pack your sacks,
we’ll be going off the Halifax.

And if you’re looking for a wife,
be sure to visit Yellowknife.


Perennial geraniums,
nickel–think uranium,
are filling up my cranium,
the exports that they boast.

Keep going? No? Ingrates.
This is a completely factual and accurate genealogical account of the Schrute family line. It is based on first hand information from Dwight Kurt Schrute, obtained during the filming of a documentary. The names, dates, locations and all other information may be made up, but the rest is the absolute truth.

Effie Margaret Elderstein was the only child of wealthy German factory owners. She was a quiet and plain young woman, who had many suitors, but little interest in any of them. When...
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 Trish Gates
Trish Gates
After đọc ANOTHER bài viết that hints at Kevin Malone's fiancee, Stacy, not existing, I have decided to prove to the world that not only does she exist, we've seen her. Several times. First of all, the actress who plays her is named Trish Gates. Trish has starred in four Office episodes, however her scenes in "The Dundies" were cut from the original episode. bạn can see her in "The Dundies" deleted scene where Kevin points out that he brought his fiancee. She is also seen briefly in "Email Surveillance" at Jim's party. We don't see her again until Season 3 in "Phyllis's Wedding." Then, we get another brief glimpse of her in "Cocktails" when the office staff is at Poor Richard's Bar. And then, of course, there is the fact that Kevin brought Stacy's daughter, April, to work in "Take Your Daughter to Work Day." I ask anyone who thinks that Stacy is a figment of Kevin's imagination to please watch the episodes mentioned above. Thank bạn and good night :)
 Stacy and Kevin at Phyllis's wedding
Stacy and Kevin at Phyllis's wedding