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The meaning of the song “Human” bởi the Killers

The song isn’t saying he wants to be a dancer hoặc that dancers aren’t human. A lot of people seem to think that, another thing people get confused about is the words. It’s “Are we human hoặc are we dancer?” no s. It’s not supposed to have an s.
Human means “Free thinker”. So is bạn are human bạn can think for yourself, bạn don’t have to be a mindless puppet and can be your own person.
bạn can interpret the dancer part two different ways. bạn can interpret it as a puppet dancing while someone else pulls the strings, which is backed...
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Tim burton asked The Killers to do a cover of "Go All The Way" bởi The Raspberries for his 2012 film, "Dark Shadows"
the killers
go all he way
dark shadows
Tim Burton
the respberries
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