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great sách they're over....wheres the tiếp theo one this doesnt end its doesnt say wether ethan will meet rochelle in dartimus's relm and anything personaly if i was in ethens position i wouldnt be able to live...she could have let rochelle live like matt could have seen it comming and used his wings to get there then take the Mũi tên xanh blow for her(cuz he's immortal it couldnt kill him)or isabel would have told ethan and he could of used his di chuyển objects power to stop the arrow... she didnt have to die and if i were in this position i would take the Mũi tên xanh because i would rather let them live then suffer the death of someone i just came to hold as dear to me....Marianne Curley should at least wright a book tieing up a couple loose ends...i know not enough to make a whole book on but i really want to know if they still somehow get to be happy together
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This vid was made bởi signingupagain on bạn Tube. She dis an amzing Job....Enjoy!!!!!
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