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DAM 999, 2nd milestone to India after Slumdog. linkDAM999 explores India, culture, Concepts, Family, Ayurveda, Corrupt Politics and Disaster in 2 hrs.
dam 999
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Ashish Vidyarthi's first Hollywood project DAM 999 will be released worldwide bởi the end of December 2010. In DAM 999, Ashish Vidyarthi is a person who is having issue with the protagonist.
ashish vidyarthi
interview interview with ashish
hollywood project
dam 999
dam movie
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Natalie was not looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to the walk ahead. And, wait was that a speck of dirt on her shoe! She got it off irritably as the mountains came into view. “We’re going to have to clime that,” đã đưa ý kiến Dan. What was wrong with him, hoặc the better câu hỏi what wasn’t? She had had to put up with him since they had made an alliance in Nhật Bản and he, his sister, and their nanny were starting to irritate her, she was just waiting for the chance to betray them.
    “Mountains have strong profiles, and so should we,” she replied.
    “It’s only about...
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Now I know for certain why Isaac Newton is Lucian and not Ekaterina. In the Ekaterina archives there is a small file mentioning John Flamsteed. He and Newton were enemies even in real life. Isaac Newton lấy trộm, đánh cắp John's work because he wanted to đăng lên it under his own name and because John was reluctant to đăng lên it.
Rick Riordan knew that if they had been in the same branch they would have worked together, so he placed Isaac on the Lucian because of his sneaky tendencies.
Inside that book was the name of a clue. Later Flamsteed burned a large bunch of his sách to keep the secret within his branch.
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I have a theory as to where one of the clues is. it's probably wrong, but what the heck.

When Abraham Lincon went down the Mississippi river, he wasn't just touring, he was looking for a clue.
Later, Napoleon sold Thedore Roosevelt the Luosiana purchase so he could have the money to look for clues in Châu Âu and Africa. What he didn't know was that he was also selling him a clue. Roosevelt suspected that there was a clue hidden in the Mississippi,so he asked for thêm land than Napoleon offered for a higher price. Napoleon agreed. The câu hỏi was how was he going to look for it while still...
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Ian turned white as Natalie asked him the câu hỏi he hoped he would never have to answer. "What is sex" Natalie asked with curiosity "" Ian đã đưa ý kiến scratching the back of his head thinking of what he should say when he came up with an idea.
Meanwhile at the Cahill's house
*ringing* "Dan get the phone" Amy screamed from her bedroom. "Yellow who is it" Dan đã đưa ý kiến paying attention to his handheld game "um um um Dan is Amy there" Ian đã đưa ý kiến sounding horrified " Amy its your boyfriend" "He is not my boyfriend"!"What do bạn want Ian" Amy sighed "can bạn both come over I'm scared" "of what" "Natalie...
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Dan Cahill stared at his Vesper phone, horrified. Atticus Rosenbloom was tiếp theo to him, clicking away on his laptop about some smart genius stuff that only Atticus would really care about.
Jake, Atticus's half brother, was in the kitchen. It was his turn to prepare breakfast, and unlike Dan hoặc Atticus, who just slathered moldy cheese on three-year-old bánh mỳ, bánh mì and served it, he actually took his job seriously.
Dan's sister, Amy, was in the bathroom. He'd noticed that she's been taking longer and longer to get ready in the mornings, ever since she'd gotten her boyfriend, Evan.
"Um, Atticus?" Dan...
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Then the torture began, Dan, Amy, Ian, Alistair, and her walked for what felt like FOREVER! She was sweating, actually SWEATING! Then after eternity and a ngày Alistair finally suggested lunch. “You wouldn’t happen to have caviar on French bánh mỳ, bánh mì with sweet cà chua sauce would you?” she had to ask.
    “Peanut bơ on wheat?” Dan replied. WORST ngày EVER?!?! Natalie almost screamed. But her brother stoped her bởi throwing something at Amy, she just noticed that he had climed the wall. How could he do that after so much walking, she didn't even have enouph energy to...
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this is a danh sách of all the certainly known famous Cahills. Not the ones that are ficional though.

T. Roosevelt


flying ace
van Gough




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Has anyone noticed that all the Holts are named after someone in American power?

Eisenhower Holt-President Eisenhower
Mary Todd Holt-President Lincon's first lady
Hamilton Holt-President Washington's secrtetary of the treasury
Reagan Holt-President Reagan
Madison Holt-James Madison's first lady
Arnold-Arnold Schwarzenegger

I don't know about bạn but this seems pretty weird.


P.S. sorry about the Isaac Newton Conspiracy, I checked the website and their is no evidence of being Ekaterina. (He should be though. The only thing he did in the government was work at a mint!)
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