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Ever since Nickelodeon released the extended theme without the sound effects, I knew that I had to make a video on it.
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The Ninja Turtles are the four brothers from New York City. They live under a suburban town named Chinatown in southern Manhattan. The brothers first met April when they were 15 years old and now they're 25 years old. The four brothers are Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo, they're mostly known bởi their nicknames. Leonardo is mostly known as Leo, Raphael is mostly known as Raph, Donatello is mostly known as Donnie and Michelangelo is mostly known as Mikey. They once had a Ninja master named Splinter but, Splinter died in 2013. He was killed bởi Shredder in Requiem and so Leo stepped up as the Hamato clan leader.
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