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"Hey Courtney, how are bạn doing.!"said Bridgette, in a cheery manor.
"Oh, I'm doing alright Bridge."sighed Courtney."How about you?"
"A-o.k.."She said,"So, are bạn hungry for some food?"
"No, not really Bridge."Courtney said,"And to be honest with you, I just wanted to take bạn up on that offer and relax in your pool. I'm sure I'll try bạn cá hồi spread later."
"Oh, o.k. then,"said Bridgette,"so bạn want to go swimming right now?"
"Well yeah,"said Courtney,"so why don't we go to your room. Change into our bikini's and go swimming."
"Cool!"said Bridgette, even though she forgot that Gwen was upstairs,...
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*midnight and everyone in Trent's house is sleeping*

Gwen:*holding a car ghế, chỗ ngồi with Alex in it* *climbs on the roof of Trent's house* *taps on Trent's window*

Trent:*opens the window* *whispering* xin chào babe.*kisses her cheek*
Gwen:*whispering* Hey.
Trent:Is he asleep?
Gwen:yep...he's been cranky though.
Trent:*quietly laughs*
Gwen:Trent,'ve never held Alex..have you?
Trent:Um...well actually-
Gwen:It's okay,you can hold him.
Trent:*nervous* Gwen,I've never held a baby before.
Gwen:Don't bạn have a baby brother?
Trent:I never hold him....
Gwen:Your scared?
Gwen:It's okay to be scared....*gives Alex to Trent*
Trent:*holding Alex*
Gwen:See? Your doing great.*kisses Trent*
Trent:Yeah I guess I am doing great-
Lilly:*opens Trent's door*
Trent:Awe man.
Lilly:Your in big trouble Trent.

bình luận 2 CONTINUE
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Gwen's pov!
I woke up still in the corner with my eyes burning from tears. a loud roar echoed threw the hallway and everyone woke up and screamed. "quiet down!"Trent walked down the hallway. he opened my cage. "get up."he growled at me. i did as i was told. "lets go Gwen."Domovi stood at the entrance of the cage. "what do bạn want?"i hissed. Malaysian walked up with a devil smile on her face holding a knife. i cowered back into the corner. "no! anything but her!"i put my arms around my stomach. Domovi snapped his fingers and two ma cà rồng walked into the cage and began dragging me out. "Trent,you...
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Gwen's pov!
I was walking down the isle with my long,beautiful white dress and bouquet of flowers. i was so happy to get married to Trent. he finally cared about me and Trenton and i really appreciate that. i looked on both sides of me,people were standing,watching me walk to the altar to get to Trent. almost all of them were crying,but all of them were smiling. i saw Bridgette,Owen,Leshawna,and Alejandro standing in the front row. why are they in the front row? because they helped to get me and Trent back together. Bridgette mouthed words to me,"i told you,love never fails." i laughed inside...
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trent gwen i need 2 talk 2 u
gwen yeah
trent gwen i'm sry i was being a jerk and i broke up with sabrina and i want 2 marry u again
gwen trent of corse i want 2 marry u
the prist do u trentin adams truner take gwen as bạn beloved wife
trent i do
the prist do u gwen madison smith take trent as your beloved husbend
gwen i do
the pirst u may Kiss the brid
trent and gwen Kiss

courtney 's webcame duncan i miss u with all my hart i hope u retrun soon and p.s. trent and gwen got married and they were soposet 2 2 years ogo and i can't tell u all the detals cuz it is a very long story leterly bye duncan maww
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Gwen's P.O.V.
I can't believe it, tell me it's not true? Duncan not only didn't consider calling me and telling me about how he found Trent's home. But he didn't even think about giving me the location of where he lives! Something is definitely wrong here and I want to know why? I want to know the truth right now! And if Duncan refuses to cooperate hoặc even change his wicked ways, then it's all over between the both of us. I don't need him if he's going to play me like that.

As Bridgette drove, Gwen gave directions to Duncan's house. It wasn't that difficult since he didn't live that far from...
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After Geoff took Harold home, he headed to Bridgette's house, to take her home. Bridgette, however, had a funny look in her eyes while Geoff was driving. Geoff began to notice it too.
"Bridgette, are bạn alright?" he asked.
"Well yes, I suppose.,"she said."Why do bạn ask?"
"Because you're diễn xuất funny. bạn look like you've seen a ghost hoặc something."Geoff said,"Come on Bridgette, what's wrong?"
"Nothing Geoff, I'm alright."she said,"It's just that ummm.."
"Wait a minute,"he said, interrupting her,"did bạn see something that happened over at Trent's house? That bạn weren't supposed to see.?"
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Trent: babe bạn feeling ok about the posioning your mom did
gwen: yea trent i kind of want to do some thing
trent: like what*they sitein their bed
trent: ok what do bạn want to do
gwen:*takes off her and trent's shrit
trent: oh thats what bạn want to do
(they do it)(they finsh)
gwen:that was fun
trent: yes it was
(they get dressed)
a few days later
trent: gwen whats wrongm bạn look worried
gwen: i am worried
becuase my mom hated bạn and we did it what is she going to do when she finds out
trent: i got a idea we don't tell her everything is going to be ok*kisses gwen*
gwen:*kises trent
*at the hospital*
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