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Should swim families in need ask for help before giving up the sport?

I hope no one is upset I am using this great diễn đàn for this request. I am just getting desperate. My son is a USA swimmer and a freshman high school varsity swimmer who has been swimming since he was 5 years old. bạn all know swimming can be a pretty expensive sport. I Mất tích my job almost a năm cách đây and am struggling to keep my son in the sport while doing 2 part-time minimal pay jobs. It will break his tim, trái tim (and mine) if he has to stop because I failed to provide the support for him. I do not want charity from anyone. My son helped me write a very good teen adventure novel called Raptor Ravine now for sale on If bạn like to read, hoặc know someone who does, getting a copy would sure help us out and bạn will get your money's worth. (Every dime I get will be spent on my son.) It has received some good professional reviews. bạn can learn thêm about it on my Facebook site Login | Facebook
bạn can check my LinkedIn thông tin các nhân to make sure I am being straight with you.
James Butler - LinkedIn
bạn will find an email address on the publication page of the book to reply to with any comments, complaints, suggestions, etc.

Thanks in advance for any assist.

Good luck swimming for 2012 in London!
 oregonmaster posted hơn một năm qua
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grace246 said:
I hope bạn get the money. Best of luck. :)
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posted hơn một năm qua 
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