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posted by surfergal
Samantha 41

When I woke up it was 12 o'clock in the afternoon.Seth was looking down at me while playing with my hair.
Good morning sleepy head. Seth said.
Good morning. I tried saying.
My voice was completely gone.
What's wrong with my voice? I asked.
Everything kept coming out all hoarsed. It soundedbad, really bad. Carlisle came in and took my temparature and some blood. I had a slight fever and I didn't really know why he took the blood.
You need something to eat. Seth said.
Nah, I'm not that hungry. I said.
Come on eat a little something. He said.
Nothing sounds good. I told him.
Fine but your...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 19

I went to late and the tiếp theo morning I had to get up and go to school. Matt was on my mind some of the ngày but I knew that I needed to pay attention to the teachers. I didn't really want to stay after lunch so I skipped and went to the beach. I had already planned that morning to go surfing so everything was already in my car. I was at the bờ biển, bãi biển within 5 phút and pulled on my wetsuit. I ran into the surf and surfed all day. At sunset I decided to go trang chủ because I was exhausted. 
Hey Samantha, where have bạn been? Alice asked as she greeted me at the door. 
The beach. I aswered. ...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 14

Once I đã đưa ý kiến my goodbyes to everyone, we were out the door and on the highway. I drove for a three hours untill, I got really sleppy and Emmett took over. I layed down in the back ghế, chỗ ngồi and covered up with my blanket that I had packed with my pillow. I took those two things on every trip. When I woke up the sun was rising and we were Emmett was still driving. 
How ya hold up? I asked laughing to myself. 
Samantha, I don't get tired. bạn know that. He said. 
I know I felt like laughing. I told them. Where are we? I asked. 
California. Rose said. 
Are we near some waves? I asked. 
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 11

The following morning, mom and dad made me skip school so I could pack. I packed all of my clothes and then I grabbed a backpack and started putting cold water wax, towels, chapstick, and a waterbottle. 
Dad walked into my Room. 
Sorry sweety but bạn won't be needig this. He đã đưa ý kiến taking my backpack. 
Dad no, bạn can't do this. I have to go surfing. I said. 
No bạn don't. He said. 
Dad, yes I do! I yelled. I can't live without surfing! 
Yes bạn can and bạn will. He said. 
Please don't do this to me. I said. 
I'm sorry honey. He đã đưa ý kiến as he walked out the door. 
I sat in my floor with...
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posted by surfergal
I wiped out everytime I tried to stand up on my board and what was really embarrassing was that John was cute and very hot. I couldn't hiển thị him any of my moves that I had just learned to do. I finally gave up and went to sit on the shore. John also followed me in and came and sat bởi me. 
I swear, I could surf. bạn can ask any lifeguard on this beach. I told him. 
Okay, let's see. I'm going to ask him. He đã đưa ý kiến and pointed at Matt. 
Okay, let's go talk to Matt. I said. 
John got up and went over to Matt and ask if I could surf. 
Yeah, she was an amazing surfer, before what happened. Matt said. ...
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Opportunity of a Lifetime 

Chapter 9 

After I had wrapped my ankle in a dry bandage, I started to cook bữa ăn tối, bữa tối, bữa tiệc ly for everyone. I made spaghetti. I thought it was really but apparently  Lila and Paige were vegetarians. I am totally a meat eater. I tình yêu meat! Oh well, tiếp theo time they can make their own food. After I read over some things for school, I went to giường but that night I a strange dream. 
[i] I was in a restaurant with Nate. ( A guy from school that I had liked but he didnt feel the same way). We were sitting at a bàn together and then my sister had showed up. She had been taking pictures...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 34

The kids bored came flying towards my head and cái tát, đánh đập, smack it hit me. I fell off of my board and the waves pushed me into the rocks. I was smashed into the rocks so many times until my body had, had enough. I black out. 

The tiếp theo thing I remember is I'm waking up in the hospital. Everyone is in the room and even Ashton is in the room. Emmett and Rose were the first ones beside my bed. 
Hey sweet heart. You're going to be fine. Emmett said. 
That's great. I said. 
I felt like I had been hit bởi a truck. 
Ashton saved bạn from the rocks. Rose told me. 
Thanks. I đã đưa ý kiến looking over towards...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 27

After talking to Mr. Don for a little bit, Sam and I went surfing. I hadn't surfed so much sinse the last time I was here. Sure I had surfed a bunch in Forks but here I was shreddig the wave. I was exhausted yet again after another ngày here. Sam drove trang chủ and I went upstairs took a vòi hoa sen and tuen decided to crash on my bed. Sam thought otherwise. 
Samantha, come on bạn need some dinner. He told me. 
I'm fine. Just let me sleep. I moaned. 
No, get up go downstairs. I made your favorite. Sam said. 
Maccoroni and cheese. I said. 
Yep. He agreed. 
I jumped up and sprinted downstairs....
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Samantha 25

When I got home, I went straight upstairs and took a shower. The vòi hoa sen helped me relax some but seeing Oakley was a surprise and seeing him was shocking. I know I couldn't handle anything else tonight so I dried my hair and went to bed. When I woke up in the morning the sun was shining through my window and it made me smile. Alice came skipping into my room and Rose followed. 
Good morning. Alice chirped. 
I didn't feel like getting up my shoulder was throbbing in pain along with my lower leg. The wounds still hadn't healed from where I had gotten shot bởi the hunter. 
I don't want...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 23 

Sam had a smell. Not just any smell though, a smell of a vampire. We had went surfing that ngày during gym and we talked about everything. I figured out that he was a different kind of vampire because he didn't sparkle when the sun peeped out from behind a cloud. I was positive that he was a vampire, he was beautiful and pale. Mostly when he was surfing, I looked at how graceful and how amazingly he could surf. We surfed for about an giờ and then we headed back towards school. 
Thanks for inviting me to go surfing with you. Sam đã đưa ý kiến as we got into the car. 
No problem. It's nice...
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posted by surfergal
So guys for taking a really long time off! Sorry for making bạn wait! I don't know if I'm going to write anymore. but time will tell! Leave a bình luận if bạn want me to write more! I kinda stopped nghề viết văn because no one was commenting on the stories!
So Enjoy!

Brad decided to leave around 1 and get trang chủ so his parents wouldn't worry. That night had been perfect. School was starting back, bờ biển, bãi biển was nice cool and life was going pretty good! The tiếp theo morning I was woken up bởi someone coming in my room. They jumped right on hàng đầu, đầu trang of my giường barley missing me. It was Brad. No brained there.
Hey, why are...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 37

Ashtons POV

I ran back towards the house so I could tell Samantha that I loved her. When I got in the house she was still cleaning the kitchen. 
Hey. I said. 
She just gave me her most beautiful smile in the world. 
Let me help you. I told her. 
It's fine. I'm done. She told me. 
Okay. I said. 
So what did bạn and Alice talk about? She asked. 
I started getting a weird feeling in my stomach like something was going to go wrong. 
Oh nothing. She saw my grade in biology and wanted to help. I told her. 
Oh okay. She said. 
I better get home. Dad is going to be worried. I said. 
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Samantha 32

Emmett and Rose took me Carlisle who was working at the hospital that night. Edward and Jasper were already building the house back up and would have it fixed bởi tomorrow afternoon. We told everyone that I was outside playing around and a cây fell and landed on my leg. Carlisle had to rebreak my leg because it was healing to fast for it to heal correctly. I was getting my full chó sói, sói gene back I was to excited. 
I've never seen anyone smile so much when they were gettig their leg plastered up. Carlisle told me. 
Well it's healing to fast right? I wispered. 
Yeah. He said 
That means...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 30
Okay so I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who reads my story. I didn't think this story was going to reach this high of a chapter. Well I didn't think that about the last story either but it did. Thanks for đọc everyone. Enjoy. 

I ran I to my room locking the door behind me. I then ran towards my window. I locked it and then shut the blinds. I was frightened bởi Emmett. His face so cold and had no emotion in it. I jumped at a knock on my door. 
Sorry to frighten you. Alice said. 
I didn't say anything. 
Sam, open the door it's just Jasper and I. She said. 
I had then rush...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 26

Hey Guys, 
Sorry this story took so long to write. I've had sorta writers block. I havent made my mind up where to go with this story right now. Sorry for the wait. bình luận and rate please!!!! 

I went straight upstairs and got in the shower. When I got out Sam was sitting on my bed. 
Sleepy? Sam asked. 
Surprisingly, yes. I said. 
I dried my hair and then went out on my little patio. The stars shined so bright. They were beautiful. I felt Sam out his arms around me and I layed my head back onto his shoulder. Usually silence is weird and awkward but this time it was perfect. We were...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 22

I stayed in giường for exactly three days and it was boring. I had nothing to do and the thêm I read hoặc watched anything about surfing the thêm I wanted to go surfing. My leg didn't hurt as bad as my shoulder did. I got shot in the lower part of my leg and then in the shoulder. I didn't see Matt at all those four days I was awake. I started wondering where was he and was he going to tell my secret to anyone. I had all of these các câu hỏi running through my mind and I couldn't stop thinking about them. I finally had to get up and see if he was still here. That alone just made me curious,...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 18 

Soon I was boarding a plane back to Forks. I slept the whe way trang chủ and when we got trang chủ I slept all night too. I woke up to rain beating against my window with thunder booming every một phút and lightening flashing every second. I knew I was told old to be scared bởi a thunderstorm but I couldn't help it. It was sort of dark in my room so I flipped in my lights and tried to go back to sleep. The power kept surging on and off until the power went out which had a boom of thunder follow it that made me shriek on fear. 
Samantha, bạn okay? Emmett đã đưa ý kiến rushing into my room. 
Yeah, I'm...
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Samantha 17 

Edward took me upstairs and layed me down on my giường and then called Carlisle. Rose and Emmett were bởi side the instant I came through the door. 
Why am I spinning? I asked in confusion.
Samantha your not. Stay awake for me. Edward demanded. 
I stayed awake as long as I could. Everyone was surprised bởi that because I stayed awake long enough for Carlisle to get home, give me medicine and take x-rays of my shoulder.

When I woke up, I was in my room and the sun was shining through my window. My shoulder was wrapped in an ace bandage and wasn't hurting to bad. I got up and stumbled a...
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 9

It was kind of an awkward silence for a little bit sitting there with John but he ended up breaking it was was a good thing. 
How are you? He ask. 
Okay, I guess. I told him. 
You want to talk about it? He replied. 
My brother doesn't remember me at all. He just remembers everything else but me. I told him. 
I'm sorry. I know that has to be tough. He said. 
Yeah. Are bạn moving here hoặc just visiting? I ask. 
Moving here. He replied. 
Cool. How old are you? I ask. 
16. He said. 
Sorry, for all the các câu hỏi I was just curious. I told him. 
No problem. How old are you? He ask. 
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posted by surfergal
Samantha 33

Soon after I started my homework I heard a knock on my bedroom door. 
Come in. I said. 
Samantha, how is your leg? Carlisle asked. 
It's fine. I told him. 
Okay, I just wanted to make sure sinse bạn ran trang chủ from school. He told me. 
Yeah, it's fine. Thanks for checking. I said. 
Right after Carlisle walked out the door Emmett and Rose were standing in the doorway. 
Sam, we are so sorry for leaving bạn at school. Rose said.
It's fine, I'm over it. I said. 
Okay, well we'll let bạn get hack to your homework. Emmett said. 
It took me three hours to finish my homework but once I was...
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