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posted by TeamPeeta649
Goodbye my love, my best friend, the father of my kits. I tình yêu bạn and miss bạn with all of my heart. No one can ever replace you. My tim, trái tim is forever shattered. I will never be the same. If there was anyway, anyway at all, that I could bring bạn back I would do it, I would give anything. I am sorry I couldn't save bạn in time. Please forgive me. It is hard for me to continue my life without bạn in it. I don't know if I can do it. bạn were the one that kept me going every day. The kits miss bạn too. Our family doesn't feel complete without bạn here. There was no one in the world quit like you....
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posted by Moonstorm100
Herds of many mèo tip toe in the shadows from the east. The crescent moon shines above but no stars are watching tonight.
The cat leading the others, leaps on a boulder, and sniffs the air. He was a black tom with white spots. Then he turns back to the clan. "hurry! Its this way!"
The leader jumps down from the boulder and charges for the lake, with the clan following.
As they reach the lake, they stop infront of a giant oak tree, the leader stops and sniffs the air again, then he signals to the clan to slacken as well.
The toms eyes lit with ngọn lửa, chữa cháy as he turned to his followers. "Berrystar!"...
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posted by bluestarluver10
Featherdance ran to a two-leg gate."no two-legs..." She jumped on the gate and sniffed the air"rabbit!" She got down and stalked the rabbit."
bang! the two-leg opened the door and saw Featherdance."kill my rabbit, i kill you!" the two-leg growled. Featherdance didn't hear him and killed the rabbit.bang! boom! the two-leg shot her 2 times..."Featherdance!" cried Spottedpaw."no!"she screamed as she ran over to Featherdance."Featherdance, get up!" she whined. Featherdance looked up at Spottedpaw."i'll be fine." Spottedpaw looked worried."lets get back to camp!"
this is when she and him wetre in tình yêu but the tình yêu ebbed away,she is tim, trái tim broken but better cause she loves someone else now
posted by Mistyflower
I appeared on a slippery stone, and looked solemnly around. Memories of my life took hold of my heart, and I found myself sprinting back toward StormClan's camp. Two young apprentices were patrolling the outside of the camp. I recognized them. "Maplepaw, Emberpaw," I greeted them. Maplepaw bristled. "Who are you? And how do bạn know are names, intruder?" Emberpaw arched her back and spat. I smiled. "Did your elders not tel you?" I sat and flicked my tail. I đã đưa ý kiến I would return." Emberpaw lashed her tail angrily. "Then tell us who bạn are!"
"Young cats," I meowed. "My name is Mistyflower."
posted by Tigerslily
“Lilybreeze” I looked around and felt comfort, I was having a dream from Starclan, “yes” I replied, It didn’t take long to see all of what I had gone through, even memories I hardily remembered shone clearly.

First I remembered Daisy, my mother, telling me to close my eyes when I heard hoặc smelled a new cat becuase my eyes were different,and I remembered smelling the fear on her when we were caught trespassing in a clans territory. I was only 2 moons old but it didn’t seem that long ago.
I was lucky, It was a mid aged she-cat, but something about how she acted, My mom explained...
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posted by Moonstorm100
blackness engulfed Stormstar as an image appeared before her. She was standing near the river, on the pebles of the shore. Everything was blurry then from a distance, she saw a blurry vision of a giant bird of prey! It was twice the size of any cat but it was to far and blurry for her to understand what kind of bird it was.
"Stormstar! Stormstar are bạn listening?" Mistyflower's voice interupted Stomstars thoughts and her eyes flew open!
She was standing, in the center of Stormclan camp. Her clanmates surrounded her as they waited for Mistyflower to assign them to a patrol. She could just...
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