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 Jody Joseph as "One Diva" (Stevie Nicks)
Jody Joseph as "One Diva" (Stevie Nicks)
Hello everybody! I'd like to share with bạn an awesome event that is a MUST SEE for Stevie những người hâm mộ like yourselves ...

Jody Joseph is “One Diva, One Legend, One Woman,” a culmination of the incredible musical works of Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, and Jody herself. The songs bởi these two musical các biểu tượng have helped shape and influence Jody’s musical career throughout her life. With her energetic persona, Jody celebrates the positive aspects of these artists’ lives, and intertwines them with her own âm nhạc to create an amazingly unique live performance that has received nothing but outstanding...
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