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I hate Lana Lang. If bạn like her that's fine but in my opinion she's a bitch. At first she seems nice. bạn know pretty, smart, smiley etc. But she constantly proves to be an annoyance. When Whitney ties Clark up she sides with Whitney and even gets mad at Clark for not letting it go. She continues to be a pain when Clark rushes off to save Chloe instead of taking her out on a date. She gets mad at Clark for keeping secerts all the time. When Clark finally asks Chloe to the dance Lana is visibiliy upset dispite dating Whitney. She doesn't even stop him from going to war for her. She later ruins...
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So after 13 days we have our danh sách of the beautiful, the steamy, the delicious, hottest girls in Smallville! Here are the Results!

Girls results:

14: Nancy - first eliminated is sheriff Nancy, hiển thị that wrinkles are her downfall.

13: Linda - needs to get rid of her bobble head look.

12: Martha - looking good for her age at number twelve.

11: Tyler - a fierce look got her to eleven.

On to the hàng đầu, đầu trang ten!

10: Mia- can make even hookers look great!

09: Dinah - pulling off short blonde hair and a long dark wig is Dinah at nine.

08: Abby - plastic makes perfect with...
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The following people have been Lana's boyfriend.

Whitney Fordman was her boyfriend through the whole Season One. He left to be in the military. It was later known that he died in combat.
Jason Teague appeared in Season Four. He was her boyfriend in Paris but then came to Smallville. He was the football coach of Thị trấn Smallville High. He and his mother were obsessed with the Stones of Power. He died in the một giây meteor vòi hoa sen while attacking Martha and Jonathan.
Clark Kent and Lana were together a short time at the end of Season Two. Their relationship ended when Clark, under the influence...
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