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xin chào peoplez! My name is Selenium and I wrote and recorded this song! Here's a video of me performing it!
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sac state
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An amazing 6 năm old boy !
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If I'm honest I just really wanted to hiển thị off how long I could hold the note at the end. karaoke track I used link
hunchback of notre dame
Me as Christine and faulker gins as both the Phantom and Raoul. full details and đường dẫn on Youtube
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cover version
phantom of the opera
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I don't know what it's about.

I say yes bạn say no oh,
I say yes bạn say no.
But I don't really care what bạn say.
'cause my head is bleeding,
My hair is wet.
My clothes are soaked and blood red.
Blood dying out,
I say yes bạn say no oh
I say yes bạn say no.
If bạn tình yêu me I will hurt you.
Oh waoh oh waoh
Oh waoh oh yea wawawaoh oh oh,
Oh I say yes and bạn say no oh
I say yes bạn say no
Waoh oh waoh

Please bình luận even if bạn hate it. It's not that good. Oh also please tham gia my club "funny cat videos"
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this is my third song---hope its good

màu hồng, hồng peatals

red as a rose,
bạn all seem embarased,
when bạn throw down your sorrows,
let me know,
let me know

go pick a flower,
when bạn all belive,
that this time is ours,
tell me soon,
tell me soon

to belive,
we all need,
a chance to express ourselves,
to throw our own màu hồng, hồng peatals.

when bạn find chance,
dont be araid,
find your own flow,
dont say no,
dont say no

if bạn belive,
in chance and bạn find it,
wre-unwind it,
dont take a big blow,
dont take a big blow

to belive,
we all need,
a chance to express ourselves,
to throw our own màu hồng, hồng peatals

so for all bạn know,
youve always took chances,
know bạn know,
yuo always need more,
bạn always need more,
màu hồng, hồng peatals
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We've all watched Zoe Alexander, right? Zoe was a beautiful but mean girl who used the word 'Fuckin' all the time. My head hurts right now and my legs too. That's why I'm too lazy to even get up to get water, but I haven't put a single bite of thực phẩm hoặc a drop of water in my mouth since morning. And that makes me sluggish, so I'll cut this bài viết short. What was I saying, when I first saw Zoe, I was disgusted with her because she was swearing, but then I learned her story. This is how Zoe described it in her YouTube video:

"Hi. I'm Zoe. Everyone thinks I'm really rude, but I have an explanation...
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One of my new favourite songs that I fell in tình yêu with when I heard it done on Glee bởi Chris Colfer and again when I saw it done bởi Barbra Streisand in her 1994 new years eve buổi hòa nhạc DVD.
cover version
as if we never đã đưa ý kiến goodbye
Glee version
sunset blvd
âm nhạc
 Tayla, Souljaboy, and Kelci
Tayla, Souljaboy, and Kelci
[Soulja Boy Tell Em Verse]

Man it's ridiculous, I got bạn so delirious
Kiss bạn through the phone, while I lick bạn just like liquirish
I'm hold back in 96, and bạn can be my Shasha Fierce
Baby bạn so sexy, I tình yêu the way them jeans fit
Put bạn on my team list, Call bạn miss bezzy.
I'm Soulja Boy Tell Em, I can make yo life so easy
And if bạn don't believe me, please don't tease me
Delirious for my love, better yet I got bạn phenen

[Verse 1: Taylah P]
Hey over there what's your name
Are bạn for real
Is this a game
You start to smile
And I do the same
I look away but bạn remain
Your eyes starin back...
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