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Open rp (starting it tomorrow)
Kenari: bạn can’t just leave me. Not for… for him. I don’t know how to survive on my own. You’ve taught me nothing.
Mother: You’ll be just fine on your own. bạn have enough thực phẩm to last bạn until bạn get to the an toàn, két an toàn zone.
Kenari: They will find me and kill me. They’ve grown so much smarter than from the beginning. Mother, they know how to talk to each other without sound. They will track me down and kill me.
Mother: *puts hands on Kenari’s shoulders and shakes her* bạn can make it, I promise you. bạn have to remember…

Kenari: *Jerks up straight to find herself tiếp theo to a ngọn lửa, chữa cháy almost burnt out and in a sleeping bag covered in beads of sweat from her dream* I-It was just a dream. I’m… I’m OK. They haven’t found me ye- *a twig snaps causing every noise in the forest to silence* W-Who’s there?
[First person comes in]
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tình yêu
were chó sói, sói (part 2)
were chó sói, sói
the beginning
florence and the machine
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This is extra details about the Daemon RP i made a phiếu bầu on.

Humanity has been at war with Daemons for a long time. since 334C2 (334 years after the 2nd century, the 2nd century lasted 1320 years), and today, 21st of Aue, 1204C3, the 2nd last human city has fallen, and the last remaining human city stands, awaiting it's fate.

but all was not lost, Jurq's fall did give humanity a benefit, the Humans captured 5 Daemons, and brought them back to Guliun, the last human city.

these 5 Daemon are not like the others of their kind, they saw what they were doing to man, to humanity, they knew that they...
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