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TMZ has learned 13-year-old Prince and 12-year-old Paris started at The Buckley School in the San Fernando Valley on Wednesday.

Family sources tell TMZ ... Prince wanted to go to Buckley to have "a social experience." Initially, Paris was reluctant but changed her mind in a big way.

As for 8-year-old Blanket -- he's still going to be homeschooled. Katherine Jackson feels he's too young to venture out.

Me and my friend Jean-Michel who I have a total crush on walk to our charter school that is very much like private school only free the papz are usually swarmed outside the gate cuz police patrol it till 5 cuz Prince, Paris, and Blanket who happen to be my friends. Jean-Michel’s hair has just been cut and still has the medium brown with natural vàng in his hair. His Skins a light brown and his eyes match the color of his hair. Prince gets out of the seceritys SUV and dashes to us his medium length wavy brown hair gently blowing in the wind his deep gorgeous brown eyes meet my hazel. “ So...
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We told y’all about a woman named Mocienne Petit Jackson who came out of the woodwork claiming to be MJ’s seed. Well, Diana Ross’ sister came phía trước, chuyển tiếp and đã đưa ý kiến MPJ is crazy and she don’t even KNOW that ho*!

According to TMZ, the sordid Jackson family story is even thêm crazy than we thought.

A woman who claims to be Michael Jackson’s illegitimate tình yêu child — conceived when MJ was a minor — has filed legal documents claiming there was a diabolical plot to cover up her existence … involving murder, abduction and Diana Ross’ sister.

The alleged MJ spawn — Mocienne Petit Jackson...
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MICHAEL Jackson’s kids have slammed a close family friend and banned him from their lives after he claimed their dad was gay.

Jacko’s former dermatologist pal Dr Arnold Klein was seen as an unofficial godfather to the star’s children.

But he’s now been branded a “Judas” for spreading rumours that the superstar singer slept with men.

The Jackson family was outraged after Klein backed up a story from his assistant, Jason Pfeiffer, who claimed he had sex with the late King of Pop.

Pfeiffer claimed on US TV that he and Jackson were những người đang yêu and “soul-mates”.

Dr Klein, who says he has had...
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Jermaine Jackson's 13-year-old son, Jaafar, ordered the stun gun online that triggered a visit from the L.A. County Department of Children and Family Services last night ... TMZ has learned.

We broke the story that DCFS came to the Jackson family house in Encino last night at around 10:30 after someone told them that Jaafar ordered the gun. Randy Jackson tells TMZ the gun was delivered to the house 3 weeks cách đây -- but was intercepted bởi security.

Katherine Jackson's lawyer, Adam Streisand, tells TMZ Katherine took control of the gun and locked it up. We're told DCFS took the gun away last night....
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( full family at Police station including Kathrine)
Police: when was the last time bạn saw your sister?
Prince: after school i went into the bathroom then when i came out she was gone
Police: did bạn witness her abduction?
Prince: ( takes a deep breath) Yes...
Police: i know bạn dont want to talk about it but what happend?
Prince: well i saw a man wearing a leather áo khoác with a baseball hat and he dragged Paris into the Car i ran after them but they gained speed and got out of sight
police did bạn see the mans face?
Prince: No
Police: well your information will help us find your sister
Prince: please...
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Prince's POV:

"Where R U" I Texted Carlee "With 2 People Tht U Dnt Kno" Carlee Answered "Who R U With?" I Asked "My BF" Carlee Answered. Her BF? Doesn't That Stand For BOYFRIEND?! "Im Coming 2 Pick u Up, wher R U?" I texted "Look im visiting 2 Ppl that I love, Leave Me alone" Carlee Texted Back.

I Really Hoped That Carlee Was Okay, I Didn't Want Anything To Happen To Her, hoặc I Would NEVER Forgive Myself. Why Does My Life Have To Be So Complicated? Well, It's Mostly Carlee's Fault, Before She Started Coming Around I Was Perfectly Fine & Happy... Now Whenever I See Her *Cough* My..My Uh..My, My,My Dick Goes UP,UP,UP!

Fuck. Why Me?

"Look. I'm coming trang chủ right now. i'll be there in about 30 minutes. kay?" Carlee texted "Kay♥" I Answered

Why Me?
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Characters: Thalia Myers [13]; Alexis Taylor [13]; Tyler Myers [9]; Jaafar [14]; Prince [13]; Paris [12]; Jermajesty [10]; Blanket [8].
Thalia’s P.O.V.
I haven’t seen the Jackson’s in two years now, because I moved to Luân Đôn with my mother, my cousin Alexis and my brother Tyler, from California. I’m moving back in a week and half, on July 5, to be exact. I’m really excited to go back and see everyone! They have amazing voices; all of them should be famous! I’m so bored.
“Alexis, Tyler, what do wanna do?” I asked, “Oh, I know! Let’s watch TV,” I said, turning on the TV and...
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Could Michael Jackson's older son have the same rare skin condition that the King of Pop steadfastly maintained he had?

White patches of skin under Prince Michael's arm were noticeably visible when he wore swim trunks on a gần đây Hawaiian vacation, prompting speculation that the skin-bleaching disorder vitiligo could be the cause.

Michael Jackson đã đưa ý kiến the condition was to blame for the gradual but steady lightening of his own skin and with his 13-year-old son displaying similar symptoms, skeptics who câu hỏi the paternity of Jackson’s children may finally be convinced that the singer really...
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The tiếp theo part of The Voice I hear inside my head will take place a week from the last part because it makes thêm sense. It took a long time even though I didn't leave town because I had a stupid softball game. But, I have spent a huge amount of time puking at the sight of Jaafar's face. So, the story is going to change and probably end in about a week hoặc two. It really just depends pn how weak my stomach is. Every time I type his name I get sick to my stomach. It's not that I don't like him anymore, it's just that his face nauseates me. So nghề viết văn this story would be bad for my health. But I've decided to write another one to replace this one. The other one will be better becasue honestly The Voice I Hear Inside My Head was a pile of hot steaming con voi sh*t:p So I am so looking phía trước, chuyển tiếp to ending this story. The only reason I'm going to actually finish it is for the 3 people that liked it:)
Me and Prince are in the den I'm đọc Harry Potter and the Prisioner of Askaban for the 3rd time and he's đọc the Series of Unfortanate Events the Grim Grotto. The Kai comes in and shouts " Prince Dr. Murry wants bạn something may be wrong with your dad." Prince and I spring to our feet and run up the stairs he's faster then me and gets there first. Prince rushes to his dad's side but all I can think about is that the lifeless man on the giường who's been my role model since I was 9. What breaks me of my zone out is Prince screaming at Dr. Murry " Why are bạn just standing there do something"....
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I walked into the house. Everything was quiet. A creepy calm was bestowed in the rooms. I walked through the whole trang chủ with my phone in my hand making sure no one was in there. I came to my room last. The horror of everything was still stained into the walls, like a horrible scar. The sheets were messy from when he shoved me on it. Cigarette buds and cans of bia littered the room. I looked up at the painting of the lake my lều, cabin was on. The paint meshed together, making the water look so real it makes bạn want to touch it just to see if it is. It reminded me of Prince. I took...
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(Anna's Point Of View)

After playing with Blanket, I went into the kitchen. Katherine was talking to my mom. I walked out the kitchen. I saw Prince coming downstairs. I smiled when I looked at him. I felt my tim, trái tim melt. He smiled back at me. He stared at eachother until Blanket came running up to me. "Want to go in the pool with me? We can race!" Blanket insisted. "Sure!" I said. I went upstairs to get on my bathing suit.

I got dressed and went downstairs. Blanket was really excited. I went outside with him. We jumped in the pool. "Why don't we have a race?" I suggested. He nodded yes....
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The doctor - who is facing manslaughter charges after being accused of administering a lethal amount of the anesthetic Propofol to Michael Jackson prior to his death on June 25, 2009 - reportedly plans to call Prince Michael, 13, and 12-year-old Paris to his trial tiếp theo year.

He is đã đưa ý kiến to believe the late 'King of Pop's offspring will reveal their father had long-standing addictions, and had been ill for months prior to his sudden death.

An insider explained to the News of the World newspaper: "If they back him it will work well in the eyes of a jury."

A preliminary hearing - which will see prosecutors...
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Prince must've seen Sammy and Paris,too. He jumped out of the pool and ran towards them. I was right behind him. When we got to the fence, i saw Kylie and Adrianne holding Kansas. He was yelling. Sammy and Paris we yelling at Kylie and Adrianne. I went to the gate to open it. Prince, Paris, and Sammy where right behind me.

"How did bạn get here?" Prince asked angrily.

"Your Grandma let me in." Kylie answered.

"Why did bạn bring Kansas?" I asked.

"Because he has to tell bạn something." Kylie answered.

"Nicole, I have never liked you. I have always liked Sammy. I was using you. Now that Sammy is...
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The các bức ảnh being "leaked" of the Jackson children were PRIVATE các bức ảnh from our visit that were emailed ONLY to Grace for the purpose of them being shared with Paris, Prince, Omer, Taj and Ms. Katherine. As when we were together on our visit, my camera had các bức ảnh of all of them (from iFly, etc...) and I told them I would email ONLY Grace the copies as I did not have their email address. Grace’s email account was hacked the same ngày the first bức ảnh came out! (This too was đã đăng on Graces Facebook page when it occurred.) Grace also had NOTHING to do with any of these leaks! Whomever wanted...
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Thalia's P.O.V.:

"I just .. I want bạn back !" Prince đã đưa ý kiến taking my hands and holding them.
What. The. Hell.
I pulled away my hands and said, "Prince .. No. Stop. First of all, bạn NEVER had me. And second, I'm dating someone, and oh, so are you! Lastly, if bạn really wanted me, bạn would have asked me out a long time ago, not when I get a boyfriend!"
"Bu--" Prince started but got cut off bởi someone knocking the door.
"Shh ! I'll get it, and bạn stop talking non-sence" I whispered.
I walked to the door and opened it.
"Hey," Paris said, "Oh, Thalia, I didn't know bạn were here ! What are bạn doing...
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As Many as bạn know Prince Michael Jackson and Paris Michael Kathrin Jackson are now attending the Private Buckley school Witch such stars as Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian attended. the coast for the two children to attend is Rumerd 3000 American Dollers, While The youngest Child of Michael Jackson Prince Michael Jackson the 2nd A.K.A blanket remains trang chủ Schooled i want to know what all bạn guys think so please leave a bình luận remeber all mean các bình luận will be removed.also if bạn liked this then please bình luận and i will write more, also i might be making a written Dramma on the Jackson kids if i get thêm than 5 các bình luận then ill make it
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Carlee's POV:
Aunt Sabrina was leaving for the airport after she dropped me off at Paris's House. This time she was going to some where in the Bahamas. I asked if I could go...but the same answer as everytime...No. I grabbed my bags and got in the car. I insisted on driving, But my smart Aunt Sabrina knew I would drive to Jayla's to crash for the summer. She gets to go to the Bahamas all summer, and I'm stuck at Paris's house? Don't get me wrong I tình yêu Paris *As A Friend*, But Prince always is on me trying to get me to go out with him. Ick. I have a boyfriend...Well in my head. It's Jayla's...
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Katherine: So how did bạn guys sleep?
Blanket: good
Paris: kinda
Jaafar: same
Prince: good morning (all sleepy)
Katherine: Prince bạn look sick, are bạn okay dear?
Prince: yeah i'm fine, thank you
Paris: maybe he'll look better if he didn't stay so late practicing cá voi language!
Jaafar: haha
Katherine: cá voi language?
Prince: can bạn stop it Paris?
Paris: grandma, I'm really not hungry (gets up and lives)


Paris: jaafar! can i tak to you?
Jaafar: yeah sure, what is it?
Paris: I just can't stand her!
Jaafar: who?
Paris: The short đít, mông, ass mermaid!
Jaafar: Niki?
Paris: yeah,...
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