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this how the rowdyruff boys got home. this part is người hâm mộ made bởi me. the powerpuffs save the ngày one thêm time before leaving tv and into the người hâm mộ made articles.

Brick: i can't believe we've been trapped in this ngựa con, ngựa, pony town for 5 years and still 5 years old.
-Twilight Sparkle comes-
Twilight: don't worry, i'm here to rescue you.
RRB: -shrug-
Twilight: -teleports her and the boys to G4 Ponyville.
Boomer: who are you?
Twilight: i'm Twilight Sparkle, i come from 4th generation of My Little Pony?
Butch: then, who were they?
Twilight: that was the 3rd generation of My Little Pony. they're an evil force who...
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