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Butch: where the f*ck are we?
Brick: i don't know. hey! let's go rob that bank over there!
Boomer: yay!
-they rob the bank-
Rowdyright Boys: -punch them-
Boomer: ow! my head.
Butch: who hit us?
Brick: -opens his eyes- WHAT THE FUCK???!!!
Blake: hmph, haven't seen bạn around here. must be new to crime.
Butch: hey! who the hell are bạn guys?
Blake: we're the Rowdyright Boys!
Rowdyruff Boys: -ROFL-
Brick: WHAT KIND OF NAME IS THAT?! -laughs-
Bash: stop laughing! our name is not funny!
Breaker: can we hit them already?
Boomer: you're name sucks!
Brick: we're the Rowdyruff Boys and we kick ass!
Blake: yeah, right....
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Buttercup: My color's greeny, I'm quite a meany, tomboyish to be exact,

I like punching, know what I mean, I give the baddies a crack,

Sometimes I lie, I might imply, I have a blanket that's green,

I am the toughest of the girls, I hàng đầu, đầu trang my pie with vanilla swirls, and at the bờ biển, bãi biển I watch the turtles,

I buy sandwiches from the canteen,

Blossom and Bubbles: Canteen, [Buttercup sings along with them] She buys sandwiches from the canteen,

Buttercup: My candy's sweet hoặc bittersweet, do I look I have no fists?,

I can curl my tongue, don't say I'm wrong, cause If bạn do that'll ruin my song, and of course...
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