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posted by TeamPeeta649
You've done this. You've done this to me. You've made me this way. Were bạn not thinking? Were bạn not in the right mind? How could bạn have made me this? How could bạn do that to a child who would grow up to become what I am today? I had no clue. I didn't know any better. I was so young. This was bạn who did this. I try so hard. To undo your wrongs. But it is so hard. I fear I will never recover. I tình yêu bạn with all my tim, trái tim but you've done this to me. You've give this to me. It holds me back. It kills my dreams. I want to do some many things and now I fear that I can not because of what bạn have done. I don't want to be like you. I don't want to have what bạn do. It holds bạn back. It's killing you. It's hurting me. I don't want that for my life. I want to be my own person. Not who you've made me. Why? Why did bạn do this? bạn didn't think to what this might lead to in the future. I will not stand for this. I'm not going to be like you. I won't. I'll make it. Watch me. Just watch me.
posted by TeamPeeta649
bạn left everything bạn had. bạn came to my family. bạn made me. Then bạn left. bạn left us. bạn left us all alone. bạn went back to where bạn came from. Was I not good enough? How could bạn just leave us? Have bạn no heart. Have bạn no soul. Have bạn no sense of decency. bạn may have helped to bring me into this world but bạn didn't help raise me to become a part of it. If I met bạn I would ignore you. If I met bạn I would hate you. I never want to see you. bạn don't really care. And bạn don't tình yêu me.
posted by i-love-rping
Im walking home.. ur gone. i start to walk thêm and then rain pours down on me. I never felt like this u promised me that u wouldnt leave me. I may stay the night with ally but shes with her bf.. Im just gonna go to a hotel and sleep there. I walk and cry im just gonna go home. when i do go trang chủ i climb the cây and go in the window and look in the mirror was i to ugly 4 u?!? I take out some scissors and cut my hair and arms and i pretty now?.. I go to the giường room and let the blood drip on the floor let me hair lay down its ugly. Ur werent gonna leave me u promised me!! i stare at the blank tường my world is gone. i cant take the pain any thêm i get a call.. it from my mom and dad their gonna b trang chủ soon great.. i sit up and look at what ive done to myself no thêm me im done being the bright girl im done. I start screaming why u leave me!!! I Tried to explain to u! but no! U LEFT ME I LAUGHED AT THE THE UGLY GIRL IN THE MIRROR. well guys thats it till part 2 hoped u liked it!!