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I am very happy about season 7,which is airing on Monday 14 September,because of the new characters and old ones returning.
It's about the 30-year old Danneel Harris(Rachel Gatina),who is returning for the một giây episode as Rachel Gatina .
My opinion about Rachel is the following:
When she first came to cây Hill,I didn't like her character, because she was messing with Lucas and casued many troubles:stole Brooke's cheerleadering squad and opened the time capsule and caused many deaths in the tragic shooting day:Jimmy and Keith.
Later,she lied about her age to Cooper and casued the accident in the final episode of season 3.
Then in season 4,her character improved for the better. She becames best Những người bạn with Brooke Davis and even made a party for the class'last year.
We didn't see almost nothing of her in season 5 and 6,but we know that she was a drug addict and lấy trộm, đánh cắp some money from Brooke and Peyton's apartment.
I hope that good things season 7 will have for her!
Lucas thanked God for his silver chuyển đổi, chuyển đổi được as he sped down the highway, dodging any oversized cars that got in his way.

He was pushing eighty, and if he had to, he’d get to a hundred. He just needed Brooke to know that he loved her- that he would never hurt her. He had to get to her, before it was too late. Before he’d lose her completely.

Then again, he could have already Mất tích her.

Shaking his head, he coiled his hands tightly around the wheel. No. No, he hadn’t Mất tích her. He couldn’t have. He just needed to take drastic measures. And then everything would go back to normal.

Normal. Lucas...
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Last night a car smashed onto a pavement where about 14 girls from my school were standing and one of the girls in my năm is in hospital and in critical condition :(
Another girl in my class has suffered server pelvic injuries and the rest of them were either hurt hoặc witnessed it.

I found out about this about an giờ ago. bạn know when bạn find out about something as terrible as this and bạn just feel bạn have to tell someone how you're feeling?
Well I feel like total crap.

One of my best Những người bạn is a big believer in fate. She was invited to go out with the girls that were injured on friday night. And if she'd of gone with them she would have been involved, but she didn't. That sounds like fate to me.

I have a whole new feeling towards life now, and that we should embrace it because when something like this happens bạn realise that bạn are one of the lucky ones.

Two actors try out for Nathan and Haley. Nathan and Dixon argue. Nathan and Haley walk out and other couples are outside practicing.
At home, Peyton puts a cũi, giường cũi together than was delivered bởi Karen and Andy.
Dan and Jamie walk to school. Jamie denies there’s a girl at school he likes but he wants to invite her over to his house. Dan tells him to say something nice and smile.
Julian and Brooke are in bed. He tells her it was amazing. He’s happy to be a part of her crowd. She says he was probably popular. He says he is late for casting. Brooke gets excited.
Peyton shows up to casting. They mistake...
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posted by Albiee
2.01 || The Desperate Kingdom Of Love

Haley: Hi. I had the strangest dream; I dreamt we actually got married yesterday.
Nathan: That's weird... I had the same dream.

Nathan: So I'll say it again... I could tình yêu bạn forever.
Haley: Nathan, so could I.
Nathan: So, why cant forever start today?

Haley: Stop it.
Nathan: What?
Haley: You're embarrassing me.
Nathan: Why not?
Haley: Because we're in High School.
Nathan: So what, I'm emancipated.
Haley: Is this about sex, because I want to wait.
Nathan: No I can see bạn caved in on that one already.
Haley: Well maybe so ... Nathan, couples don't get married in...
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posted by peytonsawyer009
Leisure >>
Magic Morgan

Jeffrey Dean morgan who is busy shooting for ‘Magic City’ tells Ian Spelling about his career plans

Air? Who needs to come up for air? Certainly not Jeffrey Dean Morgan. The actor has wrapped four films that will have been released bởi the end of 2011: The Resident, Texas Killing Fields, Peace, tình yêu & Understanding and The Courier. The long-delayed Red Dawn remake will finally open in 2012, as will The Possession. And right now morgan is shooting an upcoming cable-television series entitled Magic City.

‘’I spent a lot of years doing nothing but breathing...
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Please continue đọc if bạn are open-minded and interested in gaining a different perspective. If anything this is a call for peace, hoặc rather understanding; fanpop DIPLOMACY, if bạn will.

To begin, I must say that this season was particularly difficult for me to process as a viewer and in the end I made a personal choice to dis-continue watching the show. If bạn have read any of my trước đó các bài viết bạn know that I prefer Brucas to Leyton, but that does not blind me from the fact that many people tình yêu Leyton, hoặc that there are histories and reasons, which ultimately could have brought either...
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The elder Scott’s mansion had always managed to terrify Brooke. It wasn’t just huge. It was like, the house had it’s own secrets, not including those of the evil man inside, and his pretty, pill-popping wife.

Even though the rain had stopped, the house still gave off an eerie appearance with it’s perfectly cut hedges, and precisely painted white walls. Brooke shot a look towards her handsome husband, who stood beside her, swallowing hard.

He was so good looking with his short blonde locks, and the un-tucked blue dress áo sơ mi fitted with a loose black tie. His dark pants covered his white...
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Sophia ranked No.24 in FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World danh sách of 2008.
In a gần đây issue of Seventeen, Sophia đã đưa ý kiến that the two people she counts on most are James Lafferty and Brittany Snow.
Sophia is very afraid of the bumps and creaks at night.
Sophia claims to be thêm interested in the developing of a video game rather than actually playing it.
Sophia enjoys taking road trips.
Sophia is of the Italian descent.
There are many designers who send items to the costume department on One cây đồi núi, hill specifically for Sophia to wear.
While Sophia was taking the stage for her acceptance...
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Here's the interview of the BL người hâm mộ of the mounth with Nem, our very own Queen of the Roses. =)
Congrats hun, it was very deserved!♥

1. Is Brucas your all time yêu thích couple?
Yes!!! Brucas is my first love. :)

2. What does Brucas have that Leyton don’t?
Well, Leyton just doesn't connect with me, I can see the tình yêu story (I'm not blind! :) but I can't see its greatness. I don't feel anything when they are on screen, they don't give me bướm hoặc make me squee when they are about to kiss, they don't make me cry when they fight, they don't make wanna cái tát, đánh đập, smack Lucas for being with Brooke... just......
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He was the eye-candy boy toy of a Manhattan publishing superwoman on “Lipstick Jungle.” He was the eye-candy magazine editor to a wannabe writer on “Privileged.” Now, Robert Buckley joins the cast of “One cây Hill” as the eye-candy friend and agent of James Lafferty’s Nathan Scott.

I caught up with Buckley at the TV Critics Association summer press tour with hiển thị creator Mark Schwahn, new cast member Shantel VanSanten, and actors Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush.

Buckley talked about how he’s enjoying life in Wilmington. He says he’s definitely a bờ biển, bãi biển guy and might di chuyển near...
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posted by gossipgirljade
 lucas, the boy who started all the sharing...
lucas, the boy who started all the sharing...
So bạn guys already know brooke and peyton have shared many boys, but I wanted to compare the relationships they had with each guy so here it goes...

. Lucas- he's the main boy they shared. i think they both had great relationship's with him. ultimately, peyton ends up with him but, brooke brings out the wild,fun, and crazy side of him that we all love.I think that tổng thể Brucas had the better relationship, they made lots of mistakes and grew as a couple from them.

. Nathan- They didn't really share him, but brooke did sleep with him. Brooke has a great friendship with nathan,but we never...
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posted by chellyp86
BLP Triangle: My Opinion
Before I start I just want to clarify that I tình yêu all three characters. I do not put the blame on any one particular character. I think that each of them are at fault at some point. If bạn do not like my opinion hoặc disagree with me please don’t argue just don’t read. Thanks.

Season 1
We all know that Lucas likes Peyton it is shown from the very beginning, but she seems not interested in him at all. She is an infatuation to him because face it bạn can’t like someone bạn don’t know. He doesn’t know Brooke yet because she wasn’t in the pilot. We see Peyton/Lucas...
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I'm actually beginning to grow tired of the thảo luận and I'm considering rooting for Lucas to choose Lindsay hoặc run off with Skillz. Im a Brucas người hâm mộ but I strongly dislike the animosity that keeps appearing between the shippers. Admittedly Brucas Vs Leytoners are not nearly as vicious as some of the Nachel/Rathan hoặc the Brathan crowds, I've no idea what that is but some of them just seem plain mean.
There are a thousand reasons for Leyton and a thousand for Brucas, but Im tired of the 'Who should Lucas be with' picks, especially since whenever I read them I seem to catch spoilers without any spoiler...
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Chapter 1: The câu hỏi that started it all

“Sam will bạn please stop skating in my store. I can’t concentrate with bạn whishing bởi every second,” Brooke đã đưa ý kiến in frustration is she looked up from the sketch she was trying to finish for the past hour.

It had been 2 weeks since the kidnapping incident, and Brooke and Sam were finally moving on from the nightmarish experience. Currently Brooke and Sam were spending the afternoon at Clothes over Bros. Brooke had been trying to finish one of her sketches and since summer vacation had started, she had dragged Sam along with her to the store....
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Grey's Anatomy has a new doctor coming to town.
I can exclusively reveal that former One cây đồi núi, hill ngôi sao Hilarie burton has signed on for a recurring guest role as a craniofacial specialist who visits the hospital to work on a case.
She'll make her debut in early May.
Sarah Chalke's Grey's role inspired bởi son's battale with deadly disease
Burton, who first became known for Peyton Sawyer on One cây đồi núi, hill after a stint as a host on MTV's Total Request Live, has had a recurring role as Matt Bomer's tình yêu interest on USA's White Collar.
Funny enough, Burton's real-life tình yêu is Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who played tim, trái tim transplant patient Denny Duquette on Grey's. After his character died, morgan continued to play him when he appeared in the dreams of Katherine Heigl's Izzie.
The metaphor of Dan Scott’s tim, trái tim on One cây đồi núi, hill reached its apex in last night’s episode. After waiting for thêm than a năm to get a donor heart, a tìm kiếm stalled bởi Nanny Carrie kidnaping him, Dan finally got a heart,. Only to have it snatched away at the last minute.

In a scene that straddled the line between comedy and tragedy, a stoned dog ate Dan’s donor heart. My initial reaction was laughter, but the thêm I think about it, the thêm I realize it was the perfect di chuyển in this storyline.

Ever since he was released from prison, Dan Scott has been on a road to redemption. He’s tried...
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Chapter 2: An imperfect beginning

Last chapter:

Julian’s exit seemed to have brought a stunned Sam out of her reverie. Was she dreaming hoặc had Brooke actually asked Julian out on a date?

Turning towards Brooke with a shocked face, she asked, “What the hell was that Brooke?”

“I don’t know,” Brooke đã đưa ý kiến honestly still in shock at what she had done.

“What do bạn mean bạn don’t know?” Sam asked rolling her eyes, “You just asked the guy out on a date. You’ve got to know what you’re doing.”

“Okay one, I wasn’t thinking, and it just came out. And second, it’s not a date,”...
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As a OTH người hâm mộ I guess the best way to describe me is as a BLer, but that isn’t all I am, like so many other những người hâm mộ there is more. I remember when I was like fourteen years old and my friend Tarn and I had a fit when we found out Chad Michael Murray had a new hiển thị coming out, the excitement when I sat down and watched the first episode. I turned OTH on because of Lucas, I kept coming back because of Peyton, I fell in tình yêu with OTH because of Brucas and Jeyton, and after years it was Brooke Davis that dragged me back week after week as Sophia bụi cây, cây bụi, tổng thống bush rocked that role. When season 6 happened I saw...
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posted by deanwastedyou
Well, everyone on the OTH site has the couples they'd die for and all but all the fighting is annoying, knowone can state why they tình yêu BL, LP, JP, KK hoặc whoever without a death match.

The reason I wrote this is to say maybe a little thêm 'understanding' is needed for it all. Just post who u like and why and leave the fighting out, they have LP vs. BL spot so fight someone their.

Anyway just say one reason why u like him/her hoặc whatever and have a real talk with someone u might not see couple to couple with. OTH is so couple based (thnx Mark) still it does ruin it for những người hâm mộ but i'm doing this so ppl can learn to play nice when everyone is in tình yêu with their couples. Lately everones been talking abut it so it would be good to try and be nice cause we all tình yêu the hiển thị and thats why were here :)