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The true story of a young woman named Sybil, whose childhood was so harrowing to her that she developed at least 13 different personalities.
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dissociative identity disorder
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A woman is transformed into her younger self at a point in her life when the pressures of adulthood become too much to bear.
issa rae
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A band of kids embark on an epic quest to thwart a medieval menace.
the kid who would be king
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The Aftermath stars Keira Knightley, Alexander Skarsgård and Jason Clarke, and premieres in April 2019.
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Mary Queen of Scots stars Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Gemma Chan, David Tennant, Guy Pearce, Joe Alwyn and Ian Hart, and premieres this December.
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Professor Marston & The Wonder Women Comic Trailer (2017): Check out the new trailer starring Luke Evans, Rebecca Hall, and Bella Heathcote!
professor marston & the wonder women
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Yoga Hosers is a 2016 comedy film. The film was directed bởi Kevin Smith. The film stars Kevin Smith's daughter, Johnny Depp's daughter, and Johnny Depp.

The Plot:

Kevin Smith and Johnny Depp's daughters play a duo of store workers who are best friends. 1 night a bunch of trouble happens at the store. Some weird creatures and 2 dangerous guys hiển thị up. It's up to a detective played bởi Johnny Depp to help the store workers.

Yoga Hosers is delightfully eccentric. This film makes little sense, but that makes the film thêm creative and fun. I had thêm fun watching this crazy film than I did watching...
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There are several good films that sadly didn't get that much money and got bad reviews. This danh sách is about 5 good films that should be thêm popular.

5. Ted 2

Ted 2 got mixed reviews, but I consider Ted 2 to be Seth MacFarlane's best film. This film leaves out Mila Kunis' killjoy character so it's thêm fun than Ted 1. The film has plenty of funny jokes, good acting, and fun characters.

4. Mortdecai

Mortdeaci is a 2015 comedy film that stars Johnny Depp. This film lets Johnny Depp shine with goofy energy. This film really shows how much fun Johnny Depp is. He has excellent comedic acting. This...
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2016 is a crazy good năm for movies. Craaazy good, I tell you!

Some of these are already in theaters, but as I am a wait-for-DVD person, I haven't seen any of them yet. That doesn't mean I don't care about these phim chiếu rạp - it just means that I'd rather enjoy them at home. Let's hear it for the introverts who hate traveling! Shh, enough of that, bạn may now quietly di chuyển on the list:

#16 - Pete's Dragon
I liked the old one when I was a kid, but was unable to watch it as an adult. Oh, the shame-induced goosebumps. *shudder* The trailer for this one looks very cool, it's got Bryce Dallas...
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 Brett Baker
Brett Baker
Zombies are about to hit the link

To be thêm specific, Henry Hobson’s zombie thriller, link will premiere at the fest on April 22nd before hitting select theaters and VOD on May 8th.

Actor link tries to keep order in this post-apocalyptic tale, which stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a father struggling to care for his infected daughter, played bởi Abigail Breslin.

I recently caught up with Brett Baker to discuss “Maggie” and some other fun stuff.

Tell us about your role in the zombie thriller “Maggie.”

BRETT: I play a military officer responsible for enforcing the town’s curfew. During...
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@Apple TV -In the cover of darkness, the Wolfwalkers come out to play. 🐺✨Discover the Mất tích legend of the Wolfwalkers. Coming soon to theaters and on táo, apple TV+ December 11.
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