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Chapter 2:

Me and Michael ran back to Neverland. We always enjoyed playing SuperSoakers, we would play for hours on end. We got to the Neverland gates and Michael stopped at them and held onto the railings to catch his breath.
"I can't wait for this!" I smiled. I also stopped running and stood tiếp theo to Michael.
"Neither can I!" Michael giggled, before letting go of the railing and smiling at me to give me the indication we could carry on running. We got to the house and rushed to Michael's room to grab the SuperSoakers. Michael grabbed his first and made a run for the sink to fill his gun up....
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Michael Jackson
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 Cover Page To This Story(Ill Fix It Later)
Cover Page To This Story(Ill Fix It Later)
Chapter 1.

†Trigger Worning To Those Who Self Harm†

Nicole was born on March 3rd 1965 Nicole's childhood was great. Her mom and dad loved her very much. They went to Disney Land and a bunch of other places. But the fun and games came to a sad end one night.

Nicole has gone through a lot. In a short amount of time. Her parents died when she was seven due to a fatal accident on their anniversary. They were going to a restaurant for a romantic dinner. And since her grandparents didn't want to take care of her she lives in a foster trang chủ where everyone treats her as if she isn't there. The kids...
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Michael Jackson
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