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Have bạn seen the recording of the live performance of bạn Are Not Alone bởi Michael Jackson during the HIStory Tour in Munich 1997? If bạn care for Michael Jackson bạn probably have. (Otherwise, bạn can find it on YouTube.) There is this girl with the Teddy chịu, gấu who’s screaming her lungs out when the song starts. Suddenly, a man pulls her out of the crowd and they both run up to the stage. And there she literally jumps at Michael. She wraps her arms around him and hugs him close. She’s crying, screaming (we can’t hear her because it’s a playback). Then she falls to her knees and hugs...
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Was Innocent hoặc Guilty: The FINAL Verdict
Complete Public Exoneration Way Overdue

It is sad how we've plummeted into a judgmental, tabloid addicted society that formulates weak opinions based on media fed hearsay and propaganda. One of the biggest victims of this media lynch mob was the late .
In addition to a corrupt media that fails to inform people with facts, we also have hordes of people who lack the intelligence, research, hoặc the proper resources to provide insight on highly publicized cases, but still take it upon themselves to spread fraudulent information on independent, amateur blog...
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