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posted by ErzaLattina
#1 Taemin wants to travel around the world when his career finishes.

#2 When they got asked when they feel an adrenaline rush, Taemin đã đưa ý kiến "When I watch horror movies?"

#3 According to Key, Taemin is very childish.

#4 If he could, Taemin would like to become a person known worldwide.

#5 Onew likes the fact that he's older than Taemin and Jonghyun likes the fact that he's younger than Onew.

#6 The first time Taemin was conned was when he bought fake live âm nhạc DVDs from China.

#7 Taemin thinks that not having problems is the problem.

#8 Taemin thinks that Key looks better than Minho.

#9 Taemin thinks...
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added by maybee123
A người hâm mộ account titled, "Meeting Angel Taemin at a đường phố, street corner," has recently surfaced on the internet.

According to the account, Taemin and Minho were spotted near Taemin’s school. Dressed in their school uniforms, they were at a đường phố, street corner waiting for the traffic light to change.

A stray cat suddenly ran across the road even though there were many cars. Taemin cried, "Oh no!" and dashed across the đường phố, street to pick the cat up.

While it's not clear if the cat was injured hoặc not, he brought the animal back to the pedestrian crossing. Taemin continued to look back at the cat until both were out of sight of each other.

The touching story has gained a lot of attention from both những người hâm mộ and netizens. các bình luận include, "Taemin truly is an angel!" and "What a lucky cat~~"

What do bạn think of Taemin's act of kindness?

(this happens one năm ago)

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