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posted by Daniel79
The hiển thị has been renewed for some new seasons Apparently has been renewed for two to three seasons Which is great Don't get me wrong but I think the hiển thị should be renewed for at least 10 thêm seasons This is one of the all-time best shows to ever hit ti vi I miss some of the characters on the hiển thị that are no longer There Such as Detective Elliot Stabler Christopher meloni And also DB Wong's character George huang The FBI psychiatrist In the original boss to all the Detectives Donald Cragen There's also detective John munch Richard belzer He was a great character They all were all of their character's wish they were still on the hiển thị But sometimes things have to change so It can go on Well I'm just one guy and I imagine there's a lot of men and women out there just like me who loves the hiển thị Well thank bạn for taking the time to read this if bạn done so Enjoy your ngày and have a good ngày From one proud người hâm mộ To millions thêm Goodbye DANIEL MILLER
While Kenneth (Jack McBrayer) tries to regain control of his meeting, he shows the advertisers a trailer for "SVU 2: Just the Paperwork. A clip from 30 Rock: A One-Time Special, July 2020.
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posted by NCISLuver524
Chapter 1- May 5, 2011

Olivia and Elliot exit a restaurant together. Olivia has her arm around Elliot.

“Thanks for dinner. El,” She says. They continue to walk down the street, heading towards Olivia’s apartment. They walk in silence. Elliot slips his arm around Olivia’s waist.

“El, I think Kathy would not like bạn holding me like this,” she laughs. Elliot pulls himself closer to her.

“Who cares what Kathy thinks,” he whispers. Elliot then kisses Olivia on the lips. They Kiss for a long time in the street.

“Dad?” Elliot whips his head up, only to see Kathleen, his daughter....
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Bill Goldberg tearing up the precinct on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Loophole" (8.13). bởi the way I hate wrestling and think it's 100% fake, I just like this clip.
This is Part 6 of our "Law & Order New York: Swinging Season" Dean Martin isn´t involved with this! Copyrights held bởi others!
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