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Chapter 1- May 5, 2011

Olivia and Elliot exit a restaurant together. Olivia has her arm around Elliot.

“Thanks for dinner. El,” She says. They continue to walk down the street, heading towards Olivia’s apartment. They walk in silence. Elliot slips his arm around Olivia’s waist.

“El, I think Kathy would not like bạn holding me like this,” she laughs. Elliot pulls himself closer to her.

“Who cares what Kathy thinks,” he whispers. Elliot then kisses Olivia on the lips. They Kiss for a long time in the street.

“Dad?” Elliot whips his head up, only to see Kathleen, his daughter....
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One of my favourite things about SVU is the amazing dialogue the charcters have. Here is a selection from season 1.

Narrator: In the criminal justice system sexually based offenses are considered especially heinous. In New York City the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of a elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.

(Cragen chews out Olivia for not arresting a woman who then committed suicide.)
Don Cragen: bạn just used your Get Out of Jail Free card, Olivia. There’s only one in the pack.

Olivia Benson: Question. Who'd want...
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This is my alltime favourite SVU episode. I watched the hiển thị before this, but this was the episode that got me hooked on it!

Here are some great trích dẫn from the episode - my heartstrings were plucked mercilessly...

John Munch: I hear bạn had a date.
Olivia Benson: Yeah. Even had theater tickets.
John Munch: To what?
Olivia Benson: Spamalot.
John Munch: I hear it's funny.

Olivia Benson: (on the phone) Maria, wake up, Maria ... Maria?
Richard Dwyer: Who is this?
Olivia Benson: This is the police. We know exactly where bạn are.
Richard Dwyer: No, bạn don't.

Don Cragen: What are we going to believe, the...
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Bill Goldberg tearing up the precinct on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode "Loophole" (8.13). bởi the way I hate wrestling and think it's 100% fake, I just like this clip.