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Naeun thông tin các nhân ^_^

"Let’s work hard enough to not regret later"

Full Name: Son Naeun (손나은)

Stage Name: Naeun (나은)

Nickname(s): Manyeo (Witch), Gotonyeo (Potato Girl), Son Yeoshin, Heodang, Jungshim (Center)

Date Of Birth: 10th Of February, 1994

Birthplace/Hometown: Seoul

Education: Junhyun Kindergarten - Unbuk Elementary School - Chungdam Middle School - Apgujung High School - Seoul Of Performing Arts High School

Height: 168 cm

Blood Type: B

Weight: 47kg

Hobbies: Drawing, Thinking/Drawing While
Listening To Music

Personality: Dull and Not Expressive. Usually not the first one to start a conversation...
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i'm so sick
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Remember Apink Oh Hayoung Fancam @Mnet MCOUNTDOWN_150730
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