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posted by Kiara_thats_it
 It'll be Okay, Zuri.
It'll be Okay, Zuri.
Ok, in case this is your first time đọc from me, I'm Kiara, and I come on here every now and then, addressing the theories surrounding me, my family, and my friends.

Today I'll be talking about Tiifu and Zuri. If bạn are not familiar with them, stop đọc this because bạn have to understand who I am talking about.

Tiifu and Zuri are my best friends, but they don't tell me everything. Once, I heard Tiifu telling someone that her mother was really hurting her, but no one was there. Anyway, onto the reveal.

Zuri told me that she and Tiifu are talking about getting together! (They may have been...
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