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What is the significance of a pendant? A pendant is a decoration and symbolization of the things that a person treasures. A yêu thích past time, a special person, a milestone affair, hoặc something that describes bạn are just a few ideas of pendants to display on a necklace.
Pendants are great gift ideas, acknowledging a friend hoặc family member’s interests. To consider what kind of pendants bạn can give a loved one, here are some ideas of how bạn can celebrate some of the things that they treasure most.
Sports pendant: bóng rổ and jewelry might not mix, but with a sports pendant, bạn can...
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The crystal is transparent quartz crystalloid. To know about the crystal, we need to learn about the mineral of quartz first. Quartz is one of the minerals that distributes widely in the earth’s crust. Its chemical property is silica and the chemical formula is SiO2. The quartz has a large family, which can be divided into three categories: phanerocrystalline, cryptocrystalline and amorphous. The crystal belongs to the category of phanerocrystalline, which means the transparent quartz crystalloid.

The crystal is usually colorless and transparent, but when it contains the impurities of some...
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