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Shippo, a cáo, fox demon, has travled with a group of a priestess,Kagome-a pervertest monk,Miroku-a demon slayer,Sango-a Neko,Kirara-and a half demon Known as Inuyasha,for 2 years and he has never mentioned someone that left the ngày before his father died,his big sister,Kiya.Shippo thought about Kiya everyday he missed her.He always wondered if she had died in a battle.

Kiya was 8 years older than him,she was 15.

Right now the group happened to be battling a strong opponent.Shippo did not expect one thing from the demon.

"HA! bạn are weaker than Kiya herself!" Screamed the demon.Shippo was shocked...
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I made this video my self plz feel free to like hoặc bình luận on Youtube
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I play both voices
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