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posted by maverickangel35
    A half giờ later, the press had been ushered from the building, security was đã đăng outside the entrances to prevent their re-entry, and the party had started. The lights dimmed over the ballroom and a spontaneous cheer went up as David went up to the microphone to make his traditional speech. Lisa took a step back, expecting to lean against the tường and listen while she nursed her mineral water, but landed instead against a very large and well-dressed body.
    “Careful,” Hugh’s voice came low in her ear and her entire body flushed. “You...
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posted by maverickangel35
A note from the author: I would just like to say what a pleasure it is to write for such wonderful... kind... understanding people as bạn all are. I bow to you.
    “Jesus, Lisa!” He burst out, sitting straight up in bed. “I am fully aware of what I am! Do bạn honestly think that I would be doing this—saying these things—if I had a choice? I’ve tried to stay away from you. I’ve tried to stay angry with you—I’ve even tried to ignore you, and bạn just won’t go out of my mind.” He breathed hard, laying back down. He could hear Lisa’s breath grow...
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posted by HuddyBea
I am trying to do it all. Keep checking. thêm are coming...
Ehm...I am not quite sure about this one thou. I mean, just tell me whether bạn truly like this chapter, I am kinda Mất tích here this time. It's like I can't...feel them as I wish I were able to these days. Does this make sense to you? I am a little off my game I guess. Sorry if it's not the chapter of the year...


She got her breath, “Do bạn really wanna know.... “ she started off, coldly panting a bit “Do bạn really wanna know....what I think?”
Hugh’s eyes softened again.
“Yes please...” he said, squeezing her hand...
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I'm lazy so I won't post the previously if bạn don't mind...I bet bạn remember, and now shall I go swimming? Shall I?! I'll post the tiếp theo one like on Sunday I hope, but geez guys, when all this anxiouness started?! :P Come on...tension never killed anyone :D
LOL, sorry, I know, I'm evil. Hope bạn like it!

She was surprised herself at how long she was managing to hold his stare this time. It wasn’t like her being this good. She had never been with him. She might have been fooling herself for the latest years but the truth was every time he did it, every time he looked at her the way he was doing...
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posted by blinkbackatear
Hello everybody! I am back with a loooooong chapter, I am sorry that I just updated now, but I didn't really have time for writing. Hope bạn will like this! Hugs and kisses ;-) (L)

2 months later

-    Hey, honey!
-    Yes? – Hugh looked up from an American tabloid.
-    I thought about going to the theatre tonight… what do bạn think?
-    Ok… sure but bạn don’t have to ask me for permission, bạn know – he đã đưa ý kiến absentmindedly.
-    For permission??? Hugh, I want to go with you! It was an...
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posted by huddycat69
Thanks for your comments, here's the last part.

-I … I must admit that you’re right, Lisa sighs sadly. But Robert has filed for divorce because he loves me, he asks me to marry him last week, and I…

Hugh’s world collapses suddenly. His « enemy » asked her to marry him, and she probably đã đưa ý kiến YES because he hadn’t told her that he loves her for seven years now, thinks Hugh heartbroken.

Hugh looks so stunned, so hurt, Lisa doesn’t know what to do. She loves the man since the first time they met, but she never thought hoặc dared to dream that he would divorce one ngày ! That ‘s so insane...
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posted by tammyr50
I think maybe this has a PG13 rating. Just a couple of parts that are a little sexual. actually, it is a lot sexual.

Hugh didn't sleep much that night. All he could think about was her. He kissed her softly and slid quietly out of the bed.

He made some coffee, got a cup, and headed out to the balcony.

As he sat on the balcony that night he had been searching inside himself for the words to tell her...

"Words", were so hard for him.

"He wanted to tell her how much she had changed his life."

That was one thing about acting, "there was always a script."

Hugh had found such a connection with the character...
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posted by shattereddreams
Very very short Huli drabble. First attempt at a fanfic for Huli so please be kind. Let me know what bạn think!


From the moment I met you, I loved you.

I learnt that ngày that my tim, trái tim has but one owner. Only one true friend and lover, others have tried to fill the void that bạn have left, but it is only bạn that can replenish its thirst.

    I know this, for it is only your ears that hear the things I do not say. Only your lips that let slip the things I need to hear the most. It is your arms that hold me with the...
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posted by MirandaScully
I could be golden
I could be glowing
I could be freedom
But that could be boring
Sometimes I feel this is too scary to be true
I sabotage myself for fear of losing you

Fear Of Bliss

It was a bad idea. Tremendously so - she reasoned, sipping her coffee, drowning in guilt, smelling him on her and missing the sight of him. He was gone - some walk of shame at the break of dawn, she imagined. Convenient.

Like most things in her life, her story with him was a complete, sudden mess - like a tornado had swept off a house and let it crash on her head - and yet, yet it had been slow (achingly so), a self-finding/self-losing...
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posted by SissiSunshiner
I’m so sorry for updating so late, but I was busy with my Huddy fic and I really have to thank again SammiMD for beta-ing every single chapter from 1 to 10 and the future chapters.

I know this “ present-part” is kinda horrible and I hiển thị Lisa as a sort of emo teenager after her crush left her without no reason. There’s still one chapter till the end of the flashback.

If bạn find this story boring just tell me and I’ll do my best to keep bạn interested or, like I đã đưa ý kiến before, I’ll stop writing.

As always, let me know what bạn think. Thanks for your comments!


“London Call Part 5”...
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posted by maverickangel35
Ok... had really hoped to be able to make the big 4-0 some kind of wonderful earth shaking chapter, but alas, it was not to be... also, I'm sorry it's so short, but geez was it hard to write!

    Quite a few hours later, Hugh entered his trailer and collapsed on his đi văng in complete and total exhaustion. The scenes had gone well, he knew, but it had taken thêm tries than it usually did. David and Katie were eager to attribute it to the end of the season and “senioritis,” if bạn want to call it that… Hugh knew better. And then, Robert had caught him after they...
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posted by maverickangel35
    Jo?!? Lisa’s jaw was slack, her eyes fixed on a point off in the distance, and she was quite certain that in a một giây the floor was going to rise up to meet her…
    “Lisa! Lisa?”
    Robert. God bless him, he always was there when she needed him… her defender, her pal, her—
    Judas! Wasn’t he just on the phone with—

    “Geez, bạn are completely—Hugh—”
    That snapped her out of it.
    Before he could finish calling for assistance,...
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posted by SissiSunshiner
Here I am with chapter 2. Are bạn ready? bạn sure?

HULI SMUT ALERT! LOL(That's why my mum would never read my fics)

“London Call Part 2”

She felt his warm body holding her tightly. The sweet and at the same time đắng, cay đắng flavour of his breath on her neck. The rhythmic gestures of their hips in that sensual dance. She closed her eyes and was taken away bởi the memories.

It was nearly 2 in the morning when she finally opened the white wooden door. He walked in still holding her hand. Hugh smiled and made his way in the living room. She walked behind him slowly, taking short steps.

All of a sudden...
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posted by Belle0308
xin chào there fellow Huli's! I have debated about posting this first chapter because I had thought about having it completely finished before I published any of it. I don't have it finished and it may take a while. In any case, I hope bạn enjoy the first chapter and please let me know wat bạn think. The cáo, fox Upfront pictures inspired this.

It had started with a phone call…
“Hi there, what are bạn doing?” his voice sounded far thêm relaxed than usual.
“Oh…just getting dressed for this thing tonight. What about you?” she was fussing with her hair at the same time.
“Umm…did bạn just say...
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posted by maverickangel35
Happy Finale Day, everybody!

    Lisa looked up as the elevator doors opened and Hugh stepped in, leaning heavily on his cane, a bruise flowering on the left side of his face. Lisa waved the file in her hand in his direction as the doors closed and he leaned against the tường to her right.
    “I got the transfer papers. The plasmapheresis is all set up…” She turned her head and frowned at the discoloration running up his cheek toward his temple. “Are bạn ok?”
    As she reached up to touch the contusion Hugh grabbed at...
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Ok sorry guys....I just barely made my ngày LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại here it is still the 1st :) So I am sorry its so crappy but its the best i could do for how busy I have been. The picture is a pic of my Những người bạn farm I got it yesterday....Please bình luận and rate. Happy Huli New năm I tình yêu bạn all!

“New năm Resolution”

Lisa’s POV

It was the ngày after giáng sinh andI was hanging out at Olivia’s place

“Olivia?” I asked suddenly

“Yes Lisa?” She replied

“What are bạn doing for New Years?”

“I don’t think anything”

“ok, don’t make any plans....
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posted by Kaddison
In which Hugh discovers his manliness in thêm ways than one...

Monday, Dec 14, 8.00 p.m.
The lobby of the Princeton Plainsboro Teaching Hospital looked as if Santa Claus himself had taken care of the decoration and được trao it the full treatment: Fake snow on the walls, giáng sinh trees, candles, advent wreaths and an obscene number of light strings that illuminated the setting and set it into a beautiful, soft glow. David and Katie had hired a jazz combo and they were already engrossing the small stage that centered the lobby where usually fake clinic...
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