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HAHA it's so funny
Hugh Laurie
house md
Olivia Wilde
omar epps
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Lisa is awesome :) SPOON ME! I LOL – Liên minh huyền thoại everytime xD
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They ask her where Hugh was born and she doesn't know??Hmmmm..
I tình yêu this interviewer :DDDDD
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*Author's Note: This is something I made. I am not normally the nghề viết văn type, and I don't claim to be good at all. A friend wanted me to put this on here, so I am. I will not write thêm unless asked. Thanks y'all*

It had hit him. Hard.

    He wasn’t quite sure why this always happened, but he felt a sudden pull from the concave of his chest that told him she was there. Like a trying, incessant alarm clock, his emotions knotted and twisted within his stomach, and he had to all but grab a nearby bàn to bare it.
     Sure enough, there she was, almost gliding...
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Mistletoe and Wine

My giáng sinh present for all the peacefully coexisting Hulis here. As requested in the forum, a mistletoe story for your đọc pleasure.

Annotation: For this story, Hugh has been divorced for about five months. And FYI, Jo filed for divorce and there were no considerable hard feelings on both sides.

Excuse the occasional typo but if bạn find one bạn might want to keep it and raise it yourself until it's a full-grown story on its own :)!


Monday, Dec 14 7.00 a.m.

The [H]ouse set was buzzing. Imagine a beeyard and add a good deal...
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Hello guys! Long time no see!
But I had so much fun!! :D
Anyway, I know I've been a chó cái, bitch and I need to make it up to you, so what do bạn say I give bạn an extra extra long final chapter?
Can bạn forgive me?
Missed bạn guys so much!! :D

“Honey, I’m back…” Hugh đã đưa ý kiến as he opened the front door. And he saw her, wearing an apron.
“Hey… bữa tối, bữa ăn tối is ready. The kids are already sitting at the table… How was the set?” she asked as she watched him hang his coat.
“Good, bờ biển was full of new ideas” he beamed at her.
“Sounds like him” she smiled softly as she headed to the dining room....
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