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xin chào again, I really tình yêu đọc fics and decided to write some bởi myself. So I want to try Huli fic. I hope bạn like it. And has always, sorry for my bad english. XOXO
This is it, she đã đưa ý kiến to herself, ‘ This is the end. God why I need to tình yêu him so much? Why I can’t forget him? Why I tình yêu to watch him so much? Why I can’t be with him and not to think about his lips taste?’’ There was so many các câu hỏi in her mind ’why?’. She wanted to forget him , tried to forget him, tried not to stare at him in “that” way.. But she couldn’t help herself. No matter...
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I mean I know Hugh is married and Lisa has her private life and all. I know Hugh has children and I know they are professionals. I know everything I should know about why they are against their relationship but and this is a big but. Aren’t we free to choose who we ship?
It’s not like we’re obligating them.
It’s not like we want Hugh to destroy his family.
It’s not like we want them to have an affair.
It’s not like we’re treating them to ngày hoặc something.
I’m really tired of the ones that say, Hugh is married. I KNOW THAT! I know he’s married and with children but I think that...
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A/N: Sorry for the late update, I've been busy but well anyway I hope bạn like this chap. As always criticism is accepted. Mmmh I didn't know of whom to do this POV chap but well I think it's fair to have Hugh again. =)

We stand there just staring into each other’s eyes. What am I here? Why did I lie to Jo again?
I think we have to make things clear but what if things get worse. I mean if I tell Lisa Jo's still here she will kick me and... I don't know.

“You didn’t screw up, I did.” She smiles, why is she even smiling? She’s so joyful to see me and I’m about to make it worse. What...
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