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today I found a pretty good tutorial on how to make screencaps (automatically, bạn don't have to press a button each time bạn want to create a screencap).

I found it on livejournal, downloaded the programm, tried it and I'm currently uploading my first own screencaps from the House episode : 1x19.
The quality is pretty good, altough not HD like the screencaps here:
So if bạn need screencaps of House, bạn might tìm kiếm for them over there before bạn make your own, but they don't have all the episodes there, so if bạn need screencaps of an episode they don't have, bạn can easily make your...
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so basically, this is me and my best friend just being stupid. there's a mention of house and house/cuddy in this vid, so i figured i'd post it.(:
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This is the last edition! I hope bạn like it =)) I really enjoyed doing it =))
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mika's video competition
we are golden
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