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posted by blossomyumyum
Ok. Deep breath time. I’m a fan, and I have to get this off my chest.

Fanfiction is toxic. They make real people into something they aren’t. Every Harry fanfiction includes him being somewhat of a Christian Grey. Some fanfics are disturbing because they hiển thị criminal activity to get to their celebrity crush.

Harry is not a criminal. He is a cinnamon roll.
Harry wouldn’t hurt a fly, so please don’t fantasize him hurting you.

The thing is, unlike books, Harold Edward Styles is a real person. And it drives a person to depression when they claim to support bạn but write sad stories. hoặc rather scary stories.

leave *THEM* alone…
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Plus Emma Watson WITH Harry Styles's hair...

Oh dear One Direction's Harry Styles has a new admirer. We're adding beautiful, talented, multi-millionaire Emma Watson to our danh sách of girls we have to compete with to get Harry Styles. SERIOUSLY... how are we meant to out-do Hermione bleedin' Granger?! We just haven't got that kind of magic up our sleeves.

According to The Daily Star, Emma Watson and the One Direction boys were at the same showbiz party.

A nguồn told the paper, "Emma made a beeline for Harry at a gần đây showbiz part in London. She was fighting her way through a huge sprawl of girls...
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