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Enchanted Script   

Narrator:Once upon a time, in a magical kingdom known as Andalasia, there lived an evil queen.

Selfish and cruel,  she lived in fear that one ngày her stepson would marry, and she would lose her ngôi vua, ngai vàng forever. 

And so, she did all in her power to prevent the prince from ever meeting the one special maiden with whom he would share true love's kiss. 

Birds:Giselle, Giselle,how about this for your statue? 

Giselle: Oh, this will be perfect. Thank you.

Birds: You're welcome. 

Pip:Come on! OK, bạn mookses, di chuyển it!We have got a face to put together here ...
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(Enchanted Vs Tangled)


I tình yêu both of these films so here is why I tình yêu both Công chúa tóc mây & Enchanted.

The Charcthers

First up is Giselle who I actually found hilarious as she was so OTT and sweet. I like how Amy Adams acted in the real world and I think she was snubbed at the oscars for this film.Sure it was daft in a way but come on I liked the film. As for Patrick Dempsey this is the ONLY movie I loved him in because he was charming and funny as Robert Philip.


I tình yêu Rapunzel because she’s fiesty,nice,a...
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Chapter 2 Where Am I?

Disclaimer: I didn't write Enchanted. All that credit goes to Disney Studios. I just tried to make this exactly like the movie. (Sorry if some of the dialogue is wrong. I try to make this as exact as possible.)

Giselle was gasping for air to breath, but it was hard because she wasn't ever this afraid in her life. She looked at her hands. They looked strange to her. Then she touched her hair. It felt strange. She didn't know where she was. She saw that she was sitting on some sort of porthole. She opened it slowly, not knowing what would be on the other side. When she opened...
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Here is an bài viết that I am going to talk to all bạn những người hâm mộ about my favourite Giselle dresses.

Giselle's Wedding Dress: This was my least favourite as it was extremely awkward and very bulky. I tình yêu the con bướm, bướm thiết kế and the glittery affect it has on the dress.

Giselle's màu hồng, hồng dress: This was Giselle's first dress in the movie and I liked the shade of màu hồng, hồng on the dress. The end of the dress reminded me of the dress she wore at the ball.

Giselle's blue dress: I loved this dress as it is a turquoise colour designed with pink/yellow flowers. I also like the white slip on the dress.

Giselle's ballroom...
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Giselle's Wishes Are About To Come True

Once upon a time in an Chuyện thần tiên ở New York world filled with trolls,princes, evil queens and woodland creatures there lived a lovestruck maiden named Giselle. Giselle was in her early twenties with long dâu, dâu tây blonde hair that went as far as her back, and she wore a màu hồng, hồng dress. Giselle was about to finsh off her dream prince . "Oh Pip I know his out there somewhere...........(Sighs)I just know it" she đã đưa ý kiến to her sóc chuột, con sóc friend Pip. "Maybe he is sweetheart...........". says Pip. Suddenly a troll appeared out of no where and đã đưa ý kiến " Girl Yummy". "AHHHHHHHHH"...
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