Emily Prentiss What is your yêu thích Emily moment?

Celina79 posted on Jul 02, 2009 at 11:45AM
Tell us about your favorite Emily moment. :)
 Tell us about your yêu thích Emily moment. :)

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hơn một năm qua melon93 said…
Wow, that's really hard. I think it would have to be either at the end of the episode "in name and blood" when she's in her apt looking out the window. Her emotions of uncertainty and confusion really showed,the music really helped too. It gave me chills lol :]. I also like in the episode "minimal loss" when she took the beating instead of reid, very noble. Has anyone else noticed that in almost every episode that they find the missing person that emily is the first one there to help and comfort them? I think it's easy to see that i really like her haha :}
hơn một năm qua Kelsje said…
Yeah! Emily and JJ are the ones that always comfort the mising person!

I like the bar scene with JJ, garcia en the "FBI" guy...It shows that she has a good sense of humor.

I also love her in Children of the Dark. She's there for Carrie (if that is spelled right) and she wants to take her with her untill she is old enough to be on herself. In this episode you can really see that Emily cares.

And the scene were she askes Hotch how he is able to do this work wihtout even flinching.
Ofcourse the scene in Minimal Loss is amazing!

That is about every favorite Emily moment that I have. Ofcourse I love alot of moments with Emily in it.. but I have to pick XD
hơn một năm qua suu said…
(Let's make this spot a little bit more active!)

My favourite Emily moments? Gee, there are a lot of them. I'll have to think about that but there are a few in my mind right now like, the "Don't Emily Me" moment with Rossi. I loved that scene! Or that scene in Penelope in the hospital when Emily comforts JJ. :)
hơn một năm qua Celina79 said…
I have many as well. And you guys, already mentioned a lot, what I think as well. :)

Lets start with the FBI Agent, when the Girls were in the Bar, that was hilarious! :D

"Children in the dark", as Kelly already mentioned, that was an emotional part, and yes, you can see that she really cares about children.

Than I loved as well, "Minimal Loss", she was absolutley great in that episode, and very strong.

And not to forget my fav episode of her so far, "Demonology".
I loved every moment in that episode!! It was great to know more about her past. But I hope we will find out more in the near future. :)

And let me think, I also think she was great in "A Shade of Gray", when she talked to the parents of the boy, god, that was soooo sad and emotional. I nearly cried. And Emily did a fantastic job!!

Well, she is in every episode great!! Cant wait to see her on Season 5! :D
hơn một năm qua allyxx said…
i agree with all of you when in open season she was joking with that guy from the bar and when she went to look after carrie and when she held JJ's hand in penelope and in demonology especially in the end wer she gets a nosebleed and looks like she's about to cry and in the start where she is crying anyway and in minimal loss both wer she gets her butt kicked to save reid and still manages to think of the hostages and in the end wer she tells reid not to blame himself AND when reid insults her in season 2 because she doesnt know him that well and yet she still is looking out for him because she know's somethings wrong and still tells gideon and in a shade of grey too that was awesome the way she said " the son you have been trying to protect, is a classic sociopath " it was so dramatic and cool and also when she first arrives and she proves to hotch that she belongs in the BAU and is insistant about it she is and always will be brilliant in criminal minds MUCH MUCH MUCH better than that slutty excuse for a character (haha) elle greenaway GO EMILY!!