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posted by Courtneyfan6
 New parents!
New parents!
(Cut back to the party, Owen and Izzy is already cugged down some party food)
Owen: Whoo-hoo! (laughs) Awesome party, right, Iz?
Izzy: Totally, baby! (puts a brownie in Owen's mouth)
Owen: Mmm, brownies!
(Bridgette, Geoff, DJ and Duncan came over)
Bridgette: Guys, have bạn seen Courtney?
Owen: We just saw her walking to another room.
Bridgette: She was diễn xuất weird like everything's okay and all that.
Geoff: Come on, Bridge, how bad can it be?
Courtney: AAAAHHHH!!!
DJ: That bad!
(Courtney was still in the other room, laying down on the couch, holding her stomach as she groaned in pain)
Courtney: (groans)...
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Being a high school drop out and orphan, DUncan Jones usually had low opinions of rules. From his short black hair and green mohawk, con le le, chim ưng, mòng két blue eyes, ear and nose pericing, small goatee, dog cổ áo and tight black t áo sơ mi to his baggy green capri like pants and red Converse shoes. He'd smooth his way to any store and was slcik enough to steal a trái cây hoặc in his case burger, fries, hoặc cash. To get a thrill of adventure, he stowed away on a cruise to a new island. Living in the baggage area for the time being Duncan had no care in the world. And no girl in the world, he was always looked down upon...
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posted by crazy-yanu
Duncan POV
We were in the Caribbean, because after what he had spent in Hawaii and put our lives at risk, Chris us recompenso with a stay there and Geoof had organized a party.
His girlfriend Bridgette, was surfing in the huge waves and each both came and spent quality time with my friend, who entertained is doing the party DJ.
Heatder was upset because he had Mất tích his million because of Ezekiel, who had taken him to a rehabilitation center. Alexander, also known as "spaz" was getting used to his new robot body and suffered because the girls bạn were afraid.
Sierra and Cody, began to meet each...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
 What Courtney wants to do
What Courtney wants to do
When a Boy Meets a Girl Book:1
    “Gwen bạn look amazing!” exclaimed Destiny my best friend she turned to me “Courtney what do bạn think?” As much as I didn’t want to answer I did anyway “Great!” I tried to sound as enthusiastic, I continued to sewing Gwen’s dress.” Two thêm weeks till the wedding of Gwen and Duncan!!!” exclaimed LaShawna friend of Gwen and another person I could do without seeing it wasn’t what she đã đưa ý kiến that really bothered me it was the way she đã đưa ý kiến it that ticked me off. I sighed trying to concentrate on sewing for the millionth...
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posted by DXCLOVER97
This is my first small smut story about DXC.
Courtney was heartbroken. Duncan cheated on her with Gwen in TDWT.
She cried and cried all ngày and all night. She didn't eat anything in the last week.
She just stayed, locked in her bedroom, not talking to a soul.
Then one night, she heard rocks tapping on her window and her name in little whispers.
She wiped her puffy red eyes and went to her window. Her onyx eyes wided.
There he is, Duncan, in his usual clothes.
"D-D-Duncan?" Courtney asked to the bad boy.
"Yeah, Princess,...
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