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"Hey Princess!" Duncan who was in the bathroom getting ready, tonight he was taking Courtney to a party.
"What?" She yelled back from his living room, "Can bạn bring me my clothes? I left them on my bed!" He yelled once again and it made her roll her eyes,
"Seriously? How forgetful are you..." Courtney sighs as she gets up and goes into his room.

In his room were pictures of his yêu thích rock bands,
pictures of his family and pictures of him and Courtney. She looked onto his giường and grabbed the clothes he had stacked to wear.
She walked toward the door and knocked, "I'm leaving your clothes by...
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Every time I turned around he was there looking at me, with his amazing smile. We both lay down on the grass, as we stared at each other, passionately. His eyes were sparkling like the diamonds, no, like the stars I wish on every night.

I reached out to touch him, but than a storm came bởi and washed away my beautiful painting. Escaping the most flawless thing I had ever seen. The rain cleaned every ounce of beauty there was left.

I tried to cry, hoping if I prayed enough he would came back, but I couldn't. And then a large rain đám mây charged at me in full speed.

It started to rain on me as...
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"what have i let myself in for?" was the only thought going through Courtney's mind.

"Why do bạn look so miserable for?" Amii asked, smirking, "afterall, this was your idea"

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get it and bạn pick a song, a good one aswell" Amii instructed.

Courtney didn't know what song Amii thought was good so she just picked up an album and randomly chose a song.

Amii walked in with the guests and one of them suddenly started nodding along to the music.

"Why are bạn playing one of my discs?" Amii screeched above the âm nhạc which made everyone jump.

"Yo, drama queen, relax,...
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