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(It all started after The Total Drama Series ended. Owen and Izzy, Harold and LeShawna got back together, Geoff plans to propose to Bridgette on a special day, Duncan broked up with Gwen when she was cheating on him with Trent but decided to stay Những người bạn with her, Trent and Gwen got back together and Courtney decided that she wanted to change. She ended her friendship with Alejandro after she knew he is lying, evil, spanish guy, and she started being thêm nicer, she studies for her law career, she and Duncan got back together with no problems. Later, they are going steady and they started making...
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COURTNEY'S POV: i stomped off to a place i knew i was ALWAYS welcom 2...bridgette... She opens the door, "Hey court!" she shrieks in my ear as she hugs me. Ouch. "Wat's up?" she asked after she got over her shrieking fit, "The sky. Only jking. New neighbour. Criminal. BIG problem. HIS ego. Pig! I can TELL" i babbled, "Oh! Its a him!" she winks at me, "What? No! No, no, NO!" i burst out. "You lyk him!" she said. I explained 2 her about my problem. "wat's wrong wiv d going 2 skool coz of u?" she asks.
I woke up on a Friday, tired and cranky. I looked at my alarm clock, '6:30' it read. "I have to get going, damn frickin school..." I grunted as I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, got dressed, and left. I had gotten on the motorcycle my mother got for me for my 16th birthday, it had skull stickers on it, and was dark black, totally my dream bike. I had ridden to my girlfriend's, Courtney's house, knocked on her door, to have her dad in front of me, he never really liked me, but like i give a damn. "Duncan." đã đưa ý kiến Courtney's dad. "Evan.." I đã đưa ý kiến smirking. He looked like he was gonna kill me....
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This is on the Total Drama pairing Duncan and Courtney. It’s just some sweet moments between the two. The song is First ngày bởi Blink-182. Hope bạn guys enjoy!
This is for the dxc những người hâm mộ who have được trao up cuz of gwen. im telling bạn it took me a while to realize it but wen i saw this vid, i sobbed and thought they will never be over. so lets pray tht the couple we tình yêu will return. thank you.
courtney and duncan
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