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@Walt Disney Studios -Hear the incredible stories of our Lady and the Tramp cast and learn thêm about how bạn can make a positive difference in an animal’s life with North bờ biển Animal League.
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Just to note, THIS IS MY OPINION! Please don't take this offensive! If bạn see any mistakes with ages, then please notify me. And please keep the các bình luận polite.

Recently, I have been doing lots of Disney research and I noticed something. The Princesses Ages......
Snow White= 14
Cinderella= 19
Aurora= 16
Ariel= 16
Belle= 19
Jasmine= 15 (going to be 16)
Pocahontas= 17-18 (1st movie)
Mulan= 16-20
Tiana= 19
Rapunzel= 18
There's a couple I would like to point out. Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, and Jasmine. Let's start with Ariel. She's 16 and wants to go and marry someone because of, but of course, true love....
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Okay, this is something of a new experience for me. So far, I only dealt with phim chiếu rạp based on sách I read at one point. I’m not saying that 101 Dalmatians is the first case were the movie was my first exposure to the story, but it is the first movie for which I read the book just for this bài viết series. Which is in the case of 101 Dalmatians kind of a problem, because I don’t look at it from the perspective of a child, the actual target group, but from the perspective of an adult. I tried my best not to be overly critical but – well, let’s just dive into this.

1. The Characters...
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