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Here I am again with another bài viết about the Devil May Cry series.Okay the first game in cbronological series is Devil May Cry 3 Dante;s Awakening.This is the one when they tell how Dante got his devil trigger power.It also shows Vergil's human form and the sword Force Edge.A new character named Lady is another character and her father Arkham are also introduced.The tiếp theo game is Devil May Cry 1.This tells thêm about Sparda then all the ones in the series.Devil May Cry 1 introduces Nelo Angelo which is Vergil's Nelo Angelo form,Trish and Sparda(a little).Force Edge is the first weapon used...
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posted by Britt601
đã đăng this in the Vergil club and I thought I'd have it here too.

So, I was looking on the diễn đàn (in conjunction with the picture/interview I found) and discovered this interview from Hiroyuki Kobayashi and there is an interview he did in 2006 stating that Nero is just some made-up character with no hereditary attachment to the Sparda bloodline.


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Now, fast phía trước, chuyển tiếp to the novel 'Deadly Fortune' which 'The Devil's Lair' diễn đàn summarizes this line.

"Back to present time, Sanctus told Nero this story in order to explain how he came to the conclusion that...
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Do your homework first!
(Referring to Agnus) bạn summon and kill, summon and kill. I fail to see the logic here. Is sanity... the price to pay... for POWER?!
And the rest is silence.
What's the matter? Why the glare?
Wish bạn would've noticed me earlier, now my coat's all charred.
You can stay and die, hoặc bạn can walk your ugly đít, mông, ass back through that gate. It's your call, pal.
Though a fight every now and again does make life thêm interesting, don't ya' think?
You can hide that body, but the smell? Whoo! There's no covering up.
First I whip it out. Then I thrust it. With great force! Every angle..!...
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posted by Tael
Nero is a member of the Order of the Sword.He got his arm bởi being attacked and knocked out.When he wakes up his arm is in a sleage.What he doesn't know is that he has a demon arm.So Nero leaves from the hospital and fights thêm demons on his way back.He then goes back to the Order of the Sword and as bạn know meets Dante as he hops in on the leaders speech.As Dante and Nero fight, he discovers his arm.What he doesn't know that he is an Angel/Demon.He figures it out when Credo tells him that he is and Angel and Dante tells him he is a Devil.For the record Nero is not a Dante wannabe,he just has a resemblence to him,if that case Leon Belmont from Castlevania Lament of Innocence is a Nero wannabe.That is all fact and no opinion.You can say I'm wrong hoặc bạn can say I'm right,doesn't matter because I know what I am.