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10. chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm Scene (3x01)
Aside from the flaring sexual tension between these two, this scene shows how much Damon is trying to take Elena's mind off of the hell she has been put through the last couple of months. Damon is extremely sweet in this scene, and did bạn see the way Elena looked at Damon!

9. "So was I" (3x06)
Ok, so I consider this episode to be one of the best Delena episodes to date. And this scene supports that statement very well. After a night of burning cars, jealousy and marshmallows, we get to a scene of Damon and Elena first aid. Well talking about the night, Elena...
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1. bạn think about them everyday.
2. Seeing hate against them makes bạn mad and protective of them.
3. The thought of Bamon happening makes bạn want to vomit.
4. The thought of Bamon/Stelena fanfiction gives bạn a headache.
5. bạn are really confident they will be end game.
6. The most fanfiction bạn have read has been Delena related.
7. Delena are bạn favourite TVD ship; books/show.
8. You've sent a email to LJ Smith telling her about your tình yêu for Delena and so she knows Delena is the dominating fanbase.
9. You're loving their build up in the show.
10. When JP đã đưa ý kiến that they would be focusing a lot...
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As in my opinion, Midnight's really the highlight among the Vampire Diaries books(ok,except for Shadow Souls,my ABSOLUTE fav ♥), I marked my favourite Delena passages, which I want to share with bạn to see if bạn are of the same opinion ^__^ I really cried when Damon died and think it was the most emotional passage I've ever read!EPIC! X3 In relation to that, I got totally furious when hearing that L.J.was fired-I will and CAN'T support this and thus definitely WON'T buy the sách following.The only good thing to hear was that she wanted DE for endgame,and this is what makes me happy although...
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