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10. chuỗi hạt, chuỗi hạt cườm Scene (3x01)
Aside from the flaring sexual tension between these two, this scene shows how much Damon is trying to take Elena's mind off of the hell she has been put through the last couple of months. Damon is extremely sweet in this scene, and did bạn see the way Elena looked at Damon!

9. "So was I" (3x06)
Ok, so I consider this episode to be one of the best Delena episodes to date. And this scene supports that statement very well. After a night of burning cars, jealousy and marshmallows, we get to a scene of Damon and Elena first aid. Well talking about the night, Elena...
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 Don't know who made this. If this is yours, let me know and I'll credit you.
Don't know who made this. If this is yours, let me know and I'll credit you.
I'm not gonna lie: when all this talk about Elena maybe being jealous when she saw Caroline dancing with Stefan began, I didn't know what to think. I was troubled bởi it and I didn't know what to believe. I was confused because it seemed really absurd and out of character for Elena, and because it seemed to me that there was a time and place for that kind of thing: (pre-season 4 would have been fine). But now? After all this? After she and Stefan had respectably ended their relationship, she had slept with Damon not once but twice, and she had told Damon on the phone that she was in tình yêu with...
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I'm new here and I just wanted to share my các lượt xem on why Damon and Elena NEED to be together. I wrote this for a friend to persuade her to tham gia Delena, and this speech worked. I hope bạn like it.

​ Okay, so my speech consists of many parts. My first part is how they first met. Damon was just lying in the road, looking for his tiếp theo meal, when Elena comes and talks and he hears her voice. He goes up to and say “Katherine?”  “No, I’m Elena.” She replies. With that it takes him three giây to find out that Elena is indeed Elena and not Katherine. (Even though he probably could have...
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So since I really have no clue what Zodiac sign Damon hoặc Elena is. I will put characteristics about Each sign and then maybe we can see which Describes Each personality best. I tình yêu horoscopes and think that they are fun.

Aquarius: January 20 - February 18

Aquarius Strength
- Witty
- Clever
- Humanitarian
- Inventive
- Original

Aquarius Weakness
- Stubborn
- Unemotional
- Sarcastic
- Rebellious
- Aloof

Aquarius and Temperament:
Aquarius tend to be rebels just for the sake of having their own way. Their stubbornness sometimes causes their failure, they will continue...
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 image credit; az0965022
image credit; az0965022
Everyone loves Delena. If bạn need proof, here is the evidence:

In Entertainment Weekly's Season Finale Awards, DE won every category they were nominated in; 'Best Romantic Cliffhanger', Best Kiss, hàng đầu, đầu trang Tissue Moment, Most Rewound Moment.

When vampire-diaries.net những người hâm mộ voted for their hàng đầu, đầu trang 5 episodes of Season 2, four of the episodes were heavy on the DE-epicness: (5)'Rose', (4)'The Return', (3) 'Masquerade', (2)'The Sun Also Rises', and (1)'As I Lay Dying'.

DE are up for 2 Tater hàng đầu, đầu trang Awards, 'Best Kiss' and 'Best Couple'.

I don't mean to sound boastful hoặc smug, but if the numbers on fanpop are anything...
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xin chào guys, this is just a little something I would tình yêu to see happen in S5. Hope bạn like it.

Damon POV

"Honey, I'm home." I say as I walk through the door chuckling. Sigh I amuse myself. Hmmmm no Elena jumping into my arms? My mind begins going into overdrive, what could have happened to my little danger magnent? What fresh hell could be causing chaos to my otherwise blissfilled summer oh my God Zombies! It has to be what else could be left in the Supernatural realm for us to deal with? I begin making a check danh sách of things we will need bats, shotguns, good quần vợt shoes...
"Caroline, please...
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I often read that a former Stelena người hâm mộ becomes a Delena fan, and I never heard of a change the other way around.
Elena says that she feels an toàn, két an toàn with Stefan, but Damon makes the decisions that keep her safe, and Elena herself starts being the "bad one" to protect the ones she loves – and becomes thêm like Damon with it, who is willing to let her hate him as long as she is safe. Elena says that she is happy with Stefan, but Stefan always deals with his guilt and self-hate, while Damon makes Elena laugh hoặc they laugh together and have much fun. Elena says that Stefan makes her happy to be alive,...
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 Image Credit: tumblr (I think)
Image Credit: tumblr (I think)
Seven months ago, when the DE fandom was struggling to find their way out of the pit of doubt and despair which the writers had happily thrown them into; I published an bài viết voicing my concerns about Kevin and Julie's 'hot and cold' approach to Delena, and on their insistence that Damon had to apparently become 'worthy' of Elena before their relationship could be considered. link
It looked like Kevin and Julie had doomed Delena before they had even begun. What were the chances that Damon would ever settle down and learn how to be 'good'? "He screwed up...Everyone loves Damon but he's not...
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The Vampire Diaries that started off as one of the biggest hits on ti vi reached a milestone on 23rd of January with its 100th episode airing. It was an emotional moment for loyal fans. But did the storyline really pay off? Ambivalence everywhere.
Criticism and objections are the rooms of the house that is freedom of speech. And every nghề viết văn (novels, books, shows hoặc phim chiếu rạp even songs and music) has that house. những người hâm mộ are allowed to contest and câu hỏi a writer's choice and intellect. So while the 100th episode won points in some hearts, it gained resentment in others.

I'll start with my...
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