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posted by barbie_blondie
 punk english flag chucks
punk english flag chucks
do bạn want to get a pair of 100% cool Converse themed with whatever bạn want?
check out
check out the pictures!
whether your into hello kitty, fall out boy, twilight hoặc the beathles this website is the website for you!
they cost between 100 and 200 dollars but are very rare
 twilight cons
twilight cons
 hello kitty cons
hello kitty cons
 monkey Converse
monkey converse
 if bạn like, this pattern is also available on Converse sneakers
if you like, this pattern is also available on Converse sneakers
As a loyal canvas shoes fan, bạn should be pretty familiar with the Converse Sneakers and gaga over them! this famous shoe company always win much thêm respect with their various trendy shoes for all generations, including the Chuck Taylor All Star, Jack Purcell, John Varvatos, RED, basketball, giày trượt băng, skate and running and court. Therein, Converse is much proud of the high-top Chuck Taylors. Moreover, it also produces some certain sort to be available for customer redesign. So bạn wanna to create your own custom Converse sneakers? Just do it.

First, you’d like to visit the professional place for...
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posted by tallybabe
ok so its ovious that whoever is đọc this oviously has some interest in chucks.Well my dream is to one ngày work with Brian Cioffi and thiết kế wicked chucks for the rest of my like. Ive already thiết kế one of my own that will be sold in just a tháng hoặc so. Im so stoked! They are called trang chủ Four. trang chủ four was the first foster trang chủ i lived in and on the shoe it has a lung lay, swing set on it and the door entering the trang chủ that has a four on the outside of it.The lung lay, swing set represents that time of my life entirely because it was a place i would go to when i was angry hoặc sad,or just needed to think.swinging...
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