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Life Is A Fairytale

A simple form,
The perfect line,
It’s coming together in your mind
A satin bow,
Electric blue,
Just like a dream come true
A ruffle there,
Magenta here,
Feels like magic in cashmere
Pop it with a pair of neon heels
That’s how fearless feels…

Change the colors,
Change the lines,
Life’s whatever bạn design
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Choose the fabric,
Own your style,
Make it sweet hoặc make it wild
Oh oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh oh
Like, life is a…
Like, life is a…
Like, life is a fairytale

A bubble skirt,
A sequin top,
A feather belt,
Try it, well why not?
A different look,
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Ok, so I was messing around with the Google translate. Remember how in the movie the chant they say is :Un, deux, trios, et puis voila! Dans ton coeur t'as le pouvoir. That translates to: One, two, three, and then voila! In your tim, trái tim bạn got the power. But in the book, the chant is this: With inspiration, love, and care, great fashions earn the glow of flair. Some glimmer, shimmer, and some shine bring life and sparkles every time. Which translates to: Avec l'inspiration, l'amour et de soins, les modes grande gagner la lueur de flair. Quelques lueurs, reflets, et un certain éclat apporter la vie et brille à chaque fois. Does anyone else find this strange?
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Get your sparkle on,
Show this world where bạn belong
All it takes is a little faith
Get your sparkle on,
Listen to your heart,
And feel it beatin’ strong
When you’re in doubt,
Glitter it out
Every time

Lights up,
Let’s rock the runway
This time we’ll take the fun way
What’s in bạn gotta let it out
Dig deep for inspiration,
Try on your new creation
Stay true,
That’s what it’s all about

Don’t let the doubters,
Shouters, pouters,
T-turn bạn inside out
Don’t let ‘em bring bạn down
You’ve got to di chuyển it,
Groove it, choose it,
Now is the time to prove it

Four, three, two, one…
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The Flairies are a trio of magical beings in Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale. They are small, stylish, and possess sparkle-magic powers. Together, if they are inspired bởi a fashion design, they will make it sparkle. They don't have wings while the nàng tiên have.

Shyne , hoặc Shyn'e, is voiced bởi Chiara Zanni. Shyne is the leader of the group. She can add a shiny effect to outfits. Shyne is a màu hồng, hồng Flairy and is sassy and fearless. She is able to stand up for herself.
Shimmer, hoặc Shim'r, is voiced bởi Kelly Metzger, is a purple Flairy. She can add a shimmer effect to outfits. Shimmer is light-hearted, happy-go-lucky and optimistic.
Glimmer, hoặc Glim'r, is voiced bởi Andrea Libman, is a màu hồng, hồng Flairy. She needs a lot of work on her powers at first, but is never discouraged. In the end, she can fully transform outfits, making her the most powerful of the Flairies.
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