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• Michelle Lavigne appears in the Sk8er Boi video.

• Avril got free Osiris sneakers at the mall where the Complicated video was shot.

• Avril's cousin, Martine Filion (29) travelled to Ottawa (from Napanee) just to see Avril perform.

• Avril fixed her hair in braids all around her hair when she was in 11th grade.

• Avril is good Những người bạn with màu hồng, hồng and Vanessa Carlton.

• Avril's brother, Matt, accompanied her to New York City when she was still starting out.

• Once, in New York City, a man thought that Avril was a hooker. She's been carrying around a pocket dao, con dao ever since that incident....
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xin chào guys, it's me again. I just want bạn to know that Magica has made 2 các bài viết here, Avril Is Misunderstood and Something Avril những người hâm mộ Should Realize. So I recommend đọc there 2 articles. bạn will tình yêu it.

I didn't want to accept it myself hoặc Magica, of course, and I know that no one else here will either, but I think Avril's days of huge success are over. She is no longer appreciated bởi the general public. I thought she might've made a big comeback with Goodbye Lullaby, but obviously that hasn't gone so well 3 years ago, even though both singles released so far are upbeat and catchy. I...
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