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posted by Red_Pyramid206
8 Years after Red's demise

Charlie and Sasha have never been thêm happy, they had their own place in the junkyard where no one could bother them. Right now Charlie was out gathering thực phẩm from the garbage cans and Sasha was out with some friends. Charlie sniffed around the bãi rác, dumpster but couldn't find a thing. "Dammit, nothing here to!" he cried in frustration. "CHARLES! WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE!" an all too familiar voice shouted. The german shepherd rolled his eyes and turned to see Anabelle. "Hello, Anabelle, what brings you?" Charlie asked in the most polite tone he could use. "Charles, something...
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 The tiêu đề Card
The Title Card
Hi guys, this movie was also part of my childhood along with The Land Before Time and An American Tail. What bạn guys are going to read is my personal review on the movie and the characters.

The Story-Line

Okay, the story is like the Godfather because Scarface is a thug and I always despise him, will talk thêm about him later.
The story also reminds me of Carousel in which the protagonist tried to redeem himself and it was also very sad that Charlie could not stay longer, to which I personally felt that he should.
The nightmare scene was REALLY scary and I wish that Don Bluth had not put that...
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My 3 yêu thích songs are: Let Me Be Suprised, I Will Always Be With You, and Party on a UFO from the series.

Let Me Be Suprised is my all time yêu thích because I thought it was written beautifully and both Melba Moore and Burt Reynolds did a "Heaven" of a good job at hát it. The lyrics were very witty too, how many song start with "I need Brazil."

I Will Always Be With bạn is such a beautiful song that is straight from the heart. I personally know that this song will be played at my funeral (knock on wood) because it is so beatiful.

Party on a UFO is a very fun song and very catchy, it is the best song from the series. And if bạn want to watch it bạn can go to and type in All chó go to Heaven The Rexx Files, it is in that episode.