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1. bạn see his name and squeal with delight.

2. If bạn see a bluejay, you're all like "OH MY STARCLAN!" :D And everyone looking is really freaked out.

3. If you're đọc Warriors and bạn get to an epic Jayfeather part bạn stand up and yell "OH YEAH! JAYFEATHER!" And everyone looks like O_O

4. bạn hate Dawnpelt and Breezepelt. :3

5. bạn find Hollyleaf a deserter but tình yêu her anyway.

6. bạn wish bạn had epic mind-reading abilities~

7. If bạn see a picture of Jayfeather, bạn download it no matter what.

8. bạn kinda want to be blind.

9. bạn like medicine mèo because of Jayfeather.

10. bạn now like...
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