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This was awesome!
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Name: Allison

Age: 16

Pet(s): A daschund named Starr

Fear: Facing the man who murdered my parents

Crush: Duncan
I clicked my red Converse together, waiting for the thuyền to stop. I piled onto the dock when we stopped. "Allison, come and give your yêu thích uncle a hug!" I ran over to him and wrapped him in a hug. "You know uncle Chris, I'm not the soft type. The only reason I'm doing it is becuase you're family." He smiled at me. "I brought bạn someone." He went to the ships lower deck and pulled out a cage with a dog, a dacshund with brown fur....
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I slammed my book onto my bed. All of a sudden, Nutmeg came swooping down with the mail in his feet. He nipped my finger affectionally and flew over to my perch. I gave him an owl treat. I saw there were seven things in the mail: A copy of Witch Weekly, A copy of The Daily Prophet, two letters inscribed to Dumbledore, one letter inscribed to Janet, the final two had one with Alice's name on it. The final one had my name on it. I could recognize Hermione's neat hand writing:

Dear Allison,

How are you? I'm here at my house. My parents let me send an owl to bạn after your last letter. My...
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I sat on the ghế đẩu, phân and pulled out my guitar. I sang the song Who Will Save Your Soul bởi Jewel:

People living their lives for bạn on TV
They say they're better than bạn and bạn agree
He says "Hold my calls from behind those cold brick walls"
Says "Come here boys, there ain't nothing for free"
Another doctor's bill, a lawyer's bill
Another cute cheap thrill
You know bạn tình yêu him if bạn put in your will
Who will save your soul when it comes to the flower
Who will save your soul after all the lies that bạn told, boy
Who will save your soul if bạn won't save your own?
We try to hustle them, try to bustle them,...
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Brianna walked onto the thuyền of losers. She had packed up. She heard Duncan calling her name," Brianna!" She turned to look at him. He was panting,"Brianna, I-" Before he could finish, Brianna sprinted at him and kissed him. He kissed back. Brianna moved as close to Duncan as she could. Their arms were wrapped around each other. When they broke apart, Brianna had said,"Don't let go. I tình yêu you." Duncan replied," Don't worry, I won't. I tình yêu bạn too."

The End. I'm going to eat some pie and candy.
Brianna woke the tiếp theo morning with cold stares. She got her brekfast from Chef, who looked even colder than the others, and sat down tiếp theo to Duncan. Even her best friend, Gwen, was staring at her. Nobody sat with the two during breakfast. "What am I going to do? Everyone hates me." Brianna asked as she held onto Duncan's arm. "Just relax. The stares will go away." When they had finished their breakfast, they went to the lake. Brianna and Duncan sat on the dock. "-once I turn into a witch, I don't remember my Những người bạn hoặc family. I could even kill you." They didn't get lunch hoặc dinner. They sat...
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Brianna ran to the cabins and started crying. She was now going to be known as the murderer. To LeShawna, The Bitch. She was scared. She never took her anger out on a person. She'd have to leave the island. She'd have to- a knock on the lều, cabin door made her interrupt her thoughts. She slowly opened the door to find it was Duncan. "Can I come in?" He asked. She nodded and he sat on the giường Brianna was sitting on. "What happened back there?" He asked. She didn't answer. She was shaking. She finally answered," When I was a little girl, I was bitten bởi somone with an infection. She put a kinda curse...
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Brianna sat down at the một giây mess hall table. She picked at her food. She didn't notice it but Duncan was staring at her. She didn't realize it until he tried to stop Harold from playing a prank on Brianna. He failed. "Brianna, want to go watch the cá swim?" "Why?" She asked. "Well, we could study them." She looked suspicious. "Fine." She walked with Harold to the lake. When she got onto the dock, Harold pushed her in. "What is wrong with you?" She screamed. She got mad. Her clothes were graying and shortening. Her skin was going gray too. Her eyes were flashing yellow. Her hair shortened....
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